The press room of a fashion brand plays an important role for their PR teams, especially when they are interacting with the journalists and the influencers. Earlier, printed dossiers were the popular method of sharing news of the fashion brand. However, the trend has shifted to online press rooms, digital galleries, and internet based global press release distribution systems.

How is Online Press Release Distribution Effective?

Online press release distribution helps the PR team members in quickly and effectively communicating with the journalists/influencers. The global reach of online materials makes online press releases very popular. When it is online, journalists and influencers have the advantage of getting access to the online press releases wherever they are and whenever they want. What they need to do is log on through their laptop, tablet, or even smartphone, and read the online press release of the fashion brand.

Report Supporting the Effectiveness of Online Press Release Distribution

A report on the fashion industry was published by McKinsey & Company in 2017. The name of the report documenting the findings is “The State of Fashion 2017”. This report pointed out that digitalization within fashion firms is extremely important because it helps to optimize the launch cycles. Digitalization also helps to improve the entire supply chain, which ultimately decreases the costs drastically. In fact, it also increases business by increasing sales opportunities.

There are many success stories where a fashion brand has streamlined their business communications through the use of technology. One such success story is that of Salvatore Ferragamo, a renowned traditional luxury brand. There are now multifarious channels of branding a fashion brand including online press room or online press release distribution, Facebook, or Instagram. These channels have transformed themselves to spaces that help fashion brands engage and meet the specific requirements of journalists, the press in general, and influencers.

Top 3 Benefits of Online Press Room and Online Press Release Distribution

The fashion industry is transforming fast and adopting digital media quickly. The main reason of its increasing popularity is the ease associated in reaching large audience in very short periods of time, or almost instantly. An online press room provides you much more than just uploading attractive images.

Now, let’s check the advantages associated with online press release distribution and online press room:


A virtual press room increases the accessibility of editors and influencers, who work in a fast-paced environment. If a Vogue editor needs a high-resolution photograph of the latest creation of a fashion brand, they no longer have to wait for hours to get the print edition after calling up the owner or PR manager of the company. The greatest advantage for brands to have online press release distribution and or press room is that the owners simply have to send the link of their latest collection. From there, journalists, influencers, and others can access high-quality images and download them.

2.Instant Publishing

Availability of have online press release distribution helps journalists and influencers to get hold of the latest news about a fashion brand and publish it instantly. These online press rooms help them get the latest updates about a brand almost on a real-time basis.


Traditional print magazines don’t provide the fashion brand with the statistics that would tell them what the reach of a particular event or press release is. Statistical data of the extent of success is not available when printed-out dossiers are used. However, online press release distribution provides a fashion house with all kinds of data that helps them to gauge the extent of the success of the promotion.

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Fashion brands can make specific changes to their branding campaign on the basis of the information available from their previous campaigns. Online press release distribution not only helps them realign the promotion but also to get instant results.