Task evaluation phase clearly outlines all project activities and milestones needed for the project completion. Based on task evaluation, the Project Manager allocates resources, and set up reasonable milestone by taking into account of team members’ productivity, availability, and abilities. In project management terminology, resource can be people, equipment, facilities, funding, or any other thing that are required for the completion of a project. Success in delivering projects with limited pool of resources depends on finding the right resources for the job, balancing resource supply with demand, and empowering employees.
The efficient way of using resources is by pooling them, which optimally reduces project expenses. Pooling of resource provides greater benefits to participating interests as compared to individuals working on their own. Sorting resources for each engagement based on competencies, preferences and availability makes it easier to get a list of qualified candidates to complete the tasks. Resource pooling helps in analyzing, scheduling and utilization of resources to achieve optimal resource utilization, and thereby it is cost-effective. It is very important that all parties that are involved in the project are able to collaborate during the definition phase, thus helps in maximizing resource usage, minimize cost, and maximize profitability. In more complex environments, resources could be allocated across multiple, concurrent projects, and thus requires easier and secure ways of sharing. Usually, Project Management Soft wares helps in analyzing the capabilities of resources that gives insight into resource supply and demand. Also, resource skills-tracking functions ensure that right people are working on the right projects.
Smart Admin helps to identify resources based on their abilities and help Project Managers to select the right resource for each project. The potential team members who can participate in the next 24 hours can be retrieved using the tools as defined in the SMART ADMIN along with their abilities based on past record.

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