PrEP basically stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis. It is referred as the anti-HIV medication or injection that helps the HIV-negative people from being infected. It is the only safest and effective way for the prevention from HIV/AIDS or any kind of STD related infections. In a survey report of 2012, it has been seen that many people are eager to learn about it. But a lot of people are yet to come out of their nutshell.

The awareness regarding PrEP is required not just for the HIV positive patients but for everyone around the world so that the taboos related to it in the society no longer affects the people.

How PrEP prevents HIV?

It prevents the infectious viruses to spread in the body of the individual if taken correctly. PrEP protects from HIV but it does not provide protection from sexually transmitted infections. It is suggested that using condoms are the safest way to eliminate STIs. A large number of trials and uses around the world have proven the positive effectiveness of the PrEP.

Are there side effects of PrEP?

It sometimes causes minor side effects like nausea, vomiting, headaches, fatigue and dizziness but does not stay for a long time. This also varies from person to person. In very rare cases it sometimes affects the kidneys, if the doses are not taken properly or due to excessive doses. It is again suggested to the users that if any kind of rare side effects being on noticed, without any delay must consult to their respective doctors and treatment providers.

How long PrEP should be taken?

Before starting to take PrEP, HIV test is mandatory to be done to make sure whether the person is HIV positive or negative. Depending on the test results the doses of PrEP are then prescribed. If anyone diagnosed with HIV, along with PrEP it is advisable to go for regular and monthly check ups to any nearby healthcare centers. It is not mandate to stay on PrEP for life; it is only taken when the person is at high on risk of developing HIV infections.

Where to look for PrEP?

Presently not everywhere around the world it is available. In many states of United States like Alabama and Birmingham these services are available at free of cost by several organizations, it would be convenient if approached to any healthcare centers. These centers are available with the sources to get the PrEP for the need of the patients.

What is nPEP?

PEP stands for post exposure prophylaxis. It is meant to be prescribed when a person is positive carrier of HIV and is exposed to potential infectious threat. These antidotes are being highly effective if taken with proper medical care and treatments. These are not allowed to have without any medical guidance. There are several such organizations that arranges campaigns and movements where they help the HIV patients and positive carriers to get these facilities for free.

How to get these services?

There are several organizations conducting projects for HIV/AIDS who are determined to help the people survive their conditions with proper treatments and care. Their main aim is to make more and more people around the world aware regarding the advanced treatments and medication facilities available through their different innovative movements and campaigns. Knowing about the treatments and their targeted treatments happen to be of paramount significance. That will help you find the best measures to combat HIV alongside staying healthy for a long time. So, it’s time individuals break silence and start talking about the possible problems and solutions related to this syndrome.

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