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Python is an interpreted programming language, that is, it does not need to be preprocessed by a compiler, whose philosophy is that of a syntax that favors the writing of readable code.

It is also multi-paradigm, since it supports object orientation, functional programming (although to a lesser extent) and imperative programming. Not only that, but it also uses a dynamic and cross-platform typing.

Python as a scripting language
Python has always been a good ally of system administrators and operations teams, even replacing scripts written in bash. But it is not only limited to this, it is also a pioneer in the world of scraping and crawling, where we can obtain information from web pages in a very simple and fully automated way.

Some examples of libraries for testing are:
• Unittest.
• Pytest.
• Robot.

Python in web development
One of the fields in which Python is also shining is in the development of web applications, mainly thanks to the use of frameworks such as Djando or Flask. And, despite the fact that there are already great programming languages for web applications (such as PHP), what makes Python so special is the possibility of offering a complete and quality framework that will allow us to create web applications in record time .

Big Data, Data Science and AI
If all of the above seems to you little, in recent years something has happened that has revolutionized and made Python more famous. And it is that the generalization of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (or AI), with Machine Learning and Deep Learning, together with the emergence of data science, have created a totally revolutionized panorama which Python has known how to take advantage of , creating a multitude of new tools to be exploited and to interact with these advances.

Some examples of libraries to perform Big Data, Data Science or AI can be:
• Pyspark.
• Dask.
• Pydoop.
• Pandas
• NumPy.
• Keras.
• TensorFlow.

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