The importance of rest centers around your needs for rejuvenation.

You need to recharge and clean out the pipes of your body like a piece of machinery.

Taking moments out of your day to rest, remind yourself of what you're truly working for, and feel renewed is stabilizing. It can mean the difference between purpose and instability, between stress and balance, and between sickness and health.

Regularly taking time out to compose yourself and relax can do the following:

Importance Of Rest: Benefits of Nurturing Yourself

1. Improve Your Mood:
As you let go of the tension in your day, you can feel your mood improve. It may be easier to smile and engage with others when you feel that you truly have had some down time for self renewal.

2. Provide Mental clarity:
Clearing the thoughts out of your head with downtime allows you to come back from downtime with a clearer focus. You can determine what is truly important for today and what can be left alone indefinitely.

3. Renew Energy & Sense Of Purpose:
Giving yourself a break allows you to remain excited about your mission. It provides a contrast to the day's excitement which makes future excitement all the more enjoyable.

4. Improve Your Health:
By eliminating the daily tension, you can reduce the complications that contribute to many forms of illness.

5. Reduce Stress:
The importance of rest has been noted in various studies. Taking time to relax naturally reduces your stress and allows you to keep it in proper perspective.

6. Improve Ability To Respond Well To Annoyances & Setbacks.

7. Give You More Appreciation for The Excitement in Your Life.

What we all need in life is balance. We weren't meant to be energizer bunnies that go in circles with no true aim. Our energy is uplifted when we feel enthusiasm for our life's path; enthusiasm for where we choose to go with our plans. Our energy is renewed when we reflect, take time out, and reassure ourselves that all is coming together.

One simple way to relax and embrace the importance of rest in life right now is to breathe deeply. Simply slow your breathing and clear your mind with deep breathing meditation. You can do this after getting off work, before, or whenever you truly need it.

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