Nowadays, many of us have the luxury of traveling in the car, so it's easy to overlook the fact that sidewalks are a common sight that requires regular maintenance and integration into a larger network for pedestrian safety, mobility, and health as well. Along with the current emphasis on automobile infrastructure, it can be difficult to locate any sidewalk at all in specific areas.

Why is Sidewalk Needed Near Schools?

Children safety while walking or riding to school is a topic that has gone unaddressed for so many years. In 2009, more than twenty thousand kids were hurt when vehicles collided with them. Such a worrying number emphasizes the need for well-maintained sidewalks from Sidewalk Installation Services in NYC or Sidewalk Installation Contractors in NYC.

With millions of students walking to school every day, local governments must collaborate with schools and police to enhance pedestrian access to schools.

The SRTS or Safe Routes to School program is paving the way for appropriate sidewalks near schools. It is a federal program aimed at making it safer for more students to walk or ride their bicycles. It highlights the necessity of providing safe and efficient sidewalks to safeguard children and prevent accidents.

Here are Fundamental Factors Considered for A Proper Sidewalk for Schools and Roadways.

Surface Type : The selected material should be firm, uniform, and slip-resistant. Asphalt, concrete, crushed stone, and some other materials can be used to cover sidewalks.

Width : For routes to schools, a minimum recommended sidewalk width should be 5-6 feet. Walking may be a time for social interaction, which is why there should be enough room for people to walk side by side while still allowing for pedestrians coming from the opposite direction.

Design : The main aim of sidewalks is to keep pedestrians safe and separated from motor vehicles, but they can also improve the appearance of the school and the surrounding area.

Placement : Some other factors include ensuring that the sidewalk is continuous and accessible; the sidewalk should also be able to accommodate things such as snow removal equipment and much, depending on the location.

Accessibility : A sidewalk along a school path should be accessible to all types of pedestrians, including walkers, bikers, and, most importantly, pedestrians with limited mobility.

Wheelchair users, pregnant ladies, and the elderly should all benefit from an efficient and accessible sidewalk. You can also consult Sidewalk Installation Services in NYC or Sidewalk Installation Contractors in NYC for special requirements regarding sidewalks.

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Proper sidewalks may help people live more active lives, reduce automobile congestion, and save money on commuting. Also, the cost of a well-designed pedestrian walkway system makes economic and health sense. So, for any school, we must invest in a well-designed and safe sidewalk through Sidewalk Installation Contractors in NYC. It can also assure parents that their children are safe while encouraging people to stroll. Contact us Now!