Audio transcription is the art of converting voice files and speeches into text format.. Corporate executives, interviewers, medical and legal professionals equally feel the importance of transcription service for fast and accurate recording of different meetings, interview proceedings and other professional documents. Voice recorders are fast replacing pen and paper; tight schedule in every profession leaves little time for conventional methods of record keeping, thus making transcription services more and more important for today’s business.
Transcription services help every business – general, medical or legal – in expanding their activities and improving efficiency. Importance of transcription services is particularly felt in healthcare and legal professions where preparing and monitoring of different test/clinical reports and legal/court documents with accuracy are critical for their operations. A reliable and experienced transcription service provider, therefore, helps cater the needs of these professionals. This makes medical and legal transcription a specialized branch of transcription service. Sometimes it’s amazing to see how this apparently simple work can become so important in today’s busy world of business.
Transcription service is very useful for writers and journalists. They don’t have to sit in front of a typewriter or computer for hours to write their manuscripts. They can dictate in front of a voice recorder and get their manuscript transcribed. It is fast, accurate and economical too.
Transcription service plays vital role most businesses, like corporate houses, healthcare professionals, law firms, financial firms, academic institutions, students, book writers, media and journalism professionals etc. Every segment realizes the importance of transcription services in today’s business. Important meetings, interviews, medical reports, legal depositions or academic records as recorded and outsourced to a reputed and experienced transcription service provider for transcription. By outsourcing your audio transcription you can save lot of time and money; focus on your core activities and increase productivity of your work force. By outsourcing your transcription work your business can avail following benefits:

- Accuracy (Minimum 98%)
- Time-bound delivery of transcribed data
- Security and confidentiality of your important data
- Cost saving (competitive pricing and reduced overhead cost)

Audio transcription helps save time and energy spent in conventional “pen and paper” method of record keeping. Data is converted from voice files to word format. Proper composing and editing make your important data free of all flaws. It helps in building your professional image and preserving your documents for future use. Advent of internet and development of technology has significantly increased the importance of transcription service for today’s business.

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Ajay Prasad is the President of GMR Transcription Inc., an Orange County, California based company and has been providing accurate and affordable transcription services of all types over the years. GMR also provides online transcription Services specializing in business transcription, meeting transcription and interview transcription.