“Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands” was quoted by Anne Frank, one of the most renowned Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Parents and children are the two strands of the society which makes a society, without families there can be no children, without children there can be no future. Trust is usually attributed to relationships, within social groups like families, friends, communities, organizations, firms and nations.

This is the basis on which life moves on with a good pace and makes it even easier. Family is like a place, where anyone can unfold the darkest side and the warm side of an individual’s personality. It is an abstract feeling which takes years to build and only a few moments to break down. Trust is like a crystallized glass, the world of deceit & lies can be seen through it with the help of guardians and parents, who guide them till they live in the mortal world. Relationships and bonds are the only abstractions which can comfort a person; this is no achievement but, the stroke of luck that children get a family where they feel secure. There are cases where parents leave their children in order to live a better life for themselves, imagine the pain and break of trust they face. The world we live in is as impure as Satan’s world, hatred, mistrust, disbelief and revenge rule rather than harmony, love and peace. The latter three can exist only, when there is trust.

Children are the future of their families, those who will carry their legacy and name in the coming times and make their reputation grand, with their deeds and hard work. Parents are the guideposts who can guide them and tell them the right path but, it has to be their decision in the end, as to what path they choose to walk on for their lives.

Every mother and father wants their children to become citizens who are well recognized and renowned, this not only gives them happiness, it also makes them feel better since, as parents they fulfill all their responsibilities and this gives them immense satisfaction. No one is immortal, those who are born, death comes to them one day or the other. What is important of the feelings and bonds which children and parents develop over years living in a home. Trust is a rare jewel which can never be bought or sold; it is an inner feeling of the human heart. Many people break it, parents and children too; they forget the truth of life that no one but only their family members can understand their feelings and comprehend their thoughts. A mother knows instantly, whatever a child feels, if its pain she will not stop in her actions to comfort her child until; there is calmness on the face.

This intangible thing (trust) is a part of subjects like sociology, philosophy, psychology and media studies. All the above mentioned fields deal with this subject in numerous ways which refers to the importance and vitality of it as a whole. To sum it up, trust is an abstract investment which yields rewards in the long run. It is an asset which can never be thrown or taken away; trust can only be built or shattered. Therefore, both parents and children need to understand its importance to realize its need.

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