The purpose of your life becomes important as you get older. This is especially true when a person matures from imitating their heroes and mentors. Just as Oprah stated in an interview, she realized she could be a much better Oprah instead of trying to be a Barbara Walters. When we reach this point, we focus more on having a vision for our lives.

Having goals is the beginning step to forming a vision for your life. When we set a goal and achieve it, the next step of growth is becoming excellent at that skill/talent. Upon excelling at a skill, the question or innate inclination will begin to nudge at you asking “is this it?” Or, as Miles Davis experienced early in his career, someone will point out to you that you are excellent at imitating someone else. However, the knock of opportunity comes everyone gets the call to be unique. Answering this knock means you develop a vision for your life that is larger than your goals, it is your life’s vision.

Just as goals direct our energy and attention in a constructive manner, having a vision reveals your purpose. Although developing a vision for your life brings you to the mature understanding that you are working toward something larger than yourself, it does require you to think and be uniquely you. You begin to think about your legacy and being part of something that contributes to others in a good way. To catch the vision for your life, you have to think independently asking what makes you come alive.

Naturally, you are unique. You are the only version of you that will ever be on this planet. It is right for you to believe you are distinctive, extraordinary, and you are here for a purpose. Also, it is important to know life is a learning process. This truth with the practice of goal setting and achieving goals will help you recognize your life vision. This vision will escalate you to the next level of your amazing life. It will demonstrate your value and each day you will get up with a purpose.

Once you clearly identify the vision for your life, you will work tirelessly. Start now by paying attention to what you are good at and like doing. Listen to the compliments others give you about what you do well. Keep a list of these skills and qualities to become conscious and to excel at these talents. Cultivating your excellence in these areas will connect you with others that like or need what you do well. Your excellence, achieving your goals, and becoming aware of your unique skills leads to the vision of your life. Your vision will then drive your life to the stratosphere of an extraordinary life experience that contributes to the world while bringing you to your purpose.

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JoAnn Youngblood King, CTA Certified Success Coach, Author and Owner of Live Your Potential is a member of several professional coaching associations. JoAnn, who has a diploma in Small Business Management, is a Business Trainer and Facilitator for Project Enterprise, an organization that provides access to business loans, business development services and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business owners. For more articles on this topic visit