Waterproofing a building is a valuable step in ensuring long-term structural stability and enhancing the property value. Water can cause significant damage to a building in several different ways; with properties located in coastal regions being more susceptible to water-related deterioration.

Waterproofing on the Gold Coast is a process best undertaken by professional remedial service experts, who understand the local environment and will be able to tailor cost-effective and individual solutions to your building repair and restoration needs.

Coastal property maintenance
Properties located in coastal regions require specialist maintenance of a preventative and on-going nature, for a whole range of reasons. Coastal properties are often more susceptible to extreme and changing weather conditions, and salt air is particularly corrosive in nature. Over time, this can cause extensive damage to steel structures and the exterior surface of a building.

Once these surfaces begin to degrade, it is usually only a short period of time before water begins to seep into a property, bringing with it a host of potential issues. Professional remedial services teams understand the coastal environment, are able to identify any concerning symptoms or expressions of water-related deterioration and can enact a range of preventative measures to avert such damage, saving considerably on long-term repair costs.

Benefits of waterproofing
Regardless of the size and type of property, there are a range of benefits that can be gained from waterproofing a building. These include:

● Creating a healthier environment: Water creates dampness and can eventually lead to mould. Mould not only looks poor but can be a serious health concern for residents and tenants. Waterproofing a property is a simple step that can avoid mould-related issues and expenses and creates a healthier environment for all who utilise the area.
● Prevent concrete cancer: Concrete cancer can occur when steel reinforcements within a concrete slab begin to rust. As they rust, these structures expand and cause cracking in the surrounding concrete surfaces. Concrete cancer is a serious issue which not only looks awful but is potentially dangerous to the inhabitants of a property from a structural perspective. Waterproofing is essential in order to prevent the likelihood of concrete cancer occurring.
● Cost-saving: Waterproofing a property is one easy decision that contributes to a range of cost-saving measures. Creating an insular environment will cut heating and air-conditioning bills, reduce the likelihood of having to pay for costly structural repairs as a result of spalling and lesson on-going maintenance costs that could result from flooding.
● Increase property value: Put simply, waterproofing a property ensures that it remains in pristine condition, increasing its value and reputation within a local community.

Coastal properties are often very high in value; however, it is important to be aware of the specific maintenance requirements that are associated with their management. The best defence is a good offence which is why waterproofing on the Gold Coast is an excellent idea to prevent water-associated damage and ensure the long term value and stability of a building.

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