According to a research study, almost three travelers miss their flight everyday due to unavoidable reasons. Even though people prefer air travel than travelling by road because its more efficient and quicker but if you miss your flight you might end up having the longest travelling journey instead of a quicker one which can cause a lot of problem for you.
When you become a regular traveler, you might have to face difficult situations like missing a flight. This can happen due to your mismanagement of handling your plans, your weak memory of remembering date and time of your flight or some mechanical issue in your plane can lead to missing a flight. In cases when the respected pilgrims are travelling to perform the Holy obligation of Umrah, then missing a flight can create extreme anxiety. Some important advises must be kept in mind whenever you face such situation. First ever thing which you should do is to take a deep breath and think logically. Never panic in such situations and never get emotional otherwise you get unable to think properly.
Go to the ticket counter for help and if other people are facing the same situation then make a group with them. You will get fast results if you are asking for help in the form of a group. If you remain calm, you will be able to explain your problem easily to other people. Do remember that if it was your fault that you missed your flight by getting late, then company is not responsible for this. You will have to think of a solution on your own without blaming the airline company. If you were about to travel by availing the best packages of Ramadan Umrah 2017 For Muslims, then you are provided with the amenity of flights having appropriate dates and time. But you should know the privacy policies of the travel agencies who are providing the facility of the booking of flights and the issues related to late flights and departures. There is a possibility that you may get charged of change in penalty or a difference in fare might also occur which is logical.
Some companies have a rule known as flat tire rule. According to that rule, you might become eligible for a free change i.e. without any charges of penalty. This happens, when you arrive within a few hours of your scheduled departure after you have faced issues like a flat tire due to any accident or traffic jam. Some companies are generous enough to give you benefits in such emergency cases. That is why it is advised to read the company’s policies before utilizing it so that you get able to gain any benefit when needed.
In case if it’s not your fault that you missed your flight, then it’s your right to ask for alternative solutions from that airline company. Many airline companies will adjust you in a next flight if available. If flight has departure on the next day, then the airline should either provide you a place for your stay or should offer you meals without any charges. But again you should remember that all these things are provided to you if they are mentioned in the company’s policies otherwise you will not be able to claim anything.

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