Whether your breakup just happened or if you've been separated for some time now, you can learn how to get your girlfriend back quick no matter why you broke up using a few simple, proven strategies. I don’t mean to make break ups sound simple or insignificant… On the contrary, breakups are usually tough and very difficult to overcome.
You can greatly improve your chances to win back your ex girlfriend with these tips:

• The first step to getting back your ex girlfriend is to agree with the break up. This may sound crazy, but by suggesting that some time apart was a good idea for you both to breathe can lift a lot of pressure from you both. Not only that, (I’m assuming here) this is going to mark the first agreement between you and your ex girlfriend in quite some time. This is how to win back your girlfriend, by agreeing on things she will begin to see you in a more positive light.

• The next step to win back your ex girlfriend is by open the lines of communication between the two of you. Now, if you are on speaking terms still, this step is still important and can greatly help you succeed in getting back your ex girlfriend… A handwritten letter to your ex will be both personal and powerful. It doesn’t need to be a book, keep it short and simple; use your own personality. Just tell her that you agree with the breakup. Let her know you are doing great (even if you aren’t). Tell her something positive that is going on in your life (something she can relate to). Ask her how she is doing and follow by saying something like, “I hope one day we can be friends again.”

Your goal at this point should not be to jump right back into a dating relationship with your ex. If you truly want to win back your ex girlfriend and keep her, then you are going to need to take it slow. Otherwise, you are looking at more heartbreak and breakups in the future.

• It is VERY IMPORTANT that you don’t ask for her back! At least not right away if you really want to know how to get your girlfriend back quick, take baby steps. Relationships are fragile and rushing things will lead to disaster. If you play your cards right, she will be asking you to go hang out or to have dinner with her and some friends before you know it.

• The most important thing to remember about how to win back your girlfriend is that you want to make sure everything she sees and hears about you is positive. When she thinks of you, you want her to smile. Think about how it felt to have her in your arms. To her, being in your arms probably felt even better… So, be yourself… Don’t bring up the past or any of the negative things that may have been said. Focus on the future now and your future with your girl will be a positive one. In fact, rather than focusing on how to get your girlfriend back quick, start thinking about how you can make her come running back to you.

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