Relationships are based upon trust and happiness, and when there is no more space left for these aspects, then they cannot be carried further for longer times. Instead of getting separated with violence and negative feelings for each other, it is always better to get it done through a legalized and proper manner. These days a number of divorce lawyers exist in Lakewood that can help couples get separated in the right way. But then the question arises what exactly is the procedure to file your divorce case?

There are times, when before agreeing for divorce, one of the spouses try to create hindrances in the ways of letting the other spouse achieving a fair result from the divorce case. Such hindrances may include hiding important income information and assets, withdrawing money from bank accounts etc. Therefore it is always better that unless both the spouses agrees for divorce, and until all important information that is required for the proceedings is collected, the decision of getting the same should not be disclosed. While filing the divorce case with court, among so many important things that are required, financial information is the most important one. To play safe, it is better to make as much copies as possible of such important papers and then keep them in a secured and private place. These papers are the proof that can help you win the case. In case your spouse disagrees to provide any information to the court or he tries to misguide the law, then these papers can only help you make your case strong.

In particular, financial information includes:-

You and your spouse’s tax returns and W-2 tax forms for the last two years.

You and your spouse’s pay stubs of last six months.

All other kinds of income documents like stock dividend information, interest, retirement compensation etc.

In case your spouse owes a business then his income and expenses records of last three years.

Mortgage related documents and deeds to real estate.

Records of pension or retirement

Any other papers that can help you showing yours and your spouse’s earnings and assets.

Other than collecting important financial information, it is also important to withdraw half of the funds that have been deposited in jointly hold accounts. In simpler words, as soon as your divorce case initiates or you tell your spouse about the legal separation, you should take out half of the funds from the joint accounts and should keep them in private account. Following these measures you can be confident enough to initiate your divorce case boldly.

Alimony is an important aspect that is considered by the state in case of divorce. Alimony refers to the spousal maintenance that is granted to either of the husband or wife. The amount and duration of alimony that is decided by the court depends upon the need of one spouse and on the other hand, the ability of the other spouse to pay it. Considering both these factors, the state decides the terms of alimony.

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