The most important room of any house is undoubtedly the kitchen. Each day starts in the kitchen with morning coffee brewed in coffee makers and ends with a cozy dinner.

It is also where a lot of kitchenware is kept compared to the other rooms in the house. Kitchenware includes dinnerware, drink-ware, flatware, serve-ware, cooking utensils, electric appliance and other items that are used in the kitchen. Kitchenware also includes anything that is used in the kitchen for cooking, baking, storing or freezing.

These include appetizer plates, dinner plates, dessert plates, bread and butter plates, serving bowls, serving trays, soup and cereal bowls, gravy boats, serving platters, etc.

Drink-ware includes goblets, flutes, beer mugs, wine glasses, coffee and espresso mugs and other liquid holding utensils. These are made of glass or crystal. Drink-ware is generally sold in sets of twelve.

Flatware is mostly made of stainless steel and sometimes in silver. Flatware includes tablespoons, pierced table spoons, cold meat forks, sugar spoons, butter knives, etc. These are normally made for a 12-piece table setting. Some of these come as sets in attractive packs and are ideal for gifting.

Serve-ware include cake stands, pitchers, trifle bowls, serving platters, serving trays, serving bowls, cheese platters, etc. and are all part of kitchenware.

Cooking Utensils:
Cooking utensils are skillets, griddles, casseroles, deep drying pans, pie pans and other items used for cooking and baking. The different types of cookware include stainless steel, enameled cast iron, enameled over steel, clad aluminum or copper and non-stick which are quite popular in homes.

Baking utensils include pie pans, cake pans and loaf pans. Pie pans are flat pans with flared sides specially made for baking pies. Cake pans can come in many shapes and sizes. Loaf pans are for baking bread. Spring form pans are made specifically for baking cheesecake.

Electric appliances:
Coffee makers, ovens, induction cookers, pressing irons, blenders and juicers, refrigerators, deep freezers, etc. are electronic appliances that are also an integral part of a well-equipped kitchen.

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