Since the inception of the internet, email has been one of the most used technologies. Usually, people in the business world started coordinating with their partners or friends over the email only. There are popular email hosting vendors like Gmail, Yahoo, and Rediff who usually provide email services in free. As they avail the services in free. Millions of users provided with the free email services, which quite beneficial and help to connect people to grow their business. Keeping the trend in mind, these people popular email hosting providers extend their services and also they have added quality package for the paid email hosting users.

Paid email hosting carries a lot of additional advantages with security as well. If you are keen to start your business and looking for suggestions on email hosting providers, then you should look for some of the properties below:

Factors of a reliable paid email hosting: 

Free emails have the quality to establish proper communication without much hindrance. So, if you want to use an email so you can access other resources too then selecting a free email hosting is an appropriate ides. However, if you are starting your business and want a business email Id, then you must select a paid email hosting that would give you an option of customized email, security, and other options too.

SMTP Access:

Some emails related protocols are necessary for smooth communication. IMAP and POP are protocols are used to read or access email, SMTP is the protocol used for sending email messages. You should ensure that your email hosting provider allows you to choose the protocols you need to configure your emails.

Exchange and webmail:

Not all email service provider needs to allow webmail access to your email. Ensure you should control all the email relative activities, and you can manage them for smooth communication and appropriate email representation.

Email filtering: 

Usually, free email services have a lot of promotional emails which leads to confusion in inbox emails. Email filtering helps to organize email properly. So, one should always make sure that the email vendor must provide the service of email filtering so there won’t be an issue of junk emails and any other unwanted email.


Security measure differs as per the different vendors. However, one should always ensure the security features before buying the email services. If you are a business firm, then there would be innumerable data transfer through several emails. Some of those emails are quite confidential and losing the confidential information can hamper the business to a significant level. So, one should not compromise on the feature of security. Ensure about the entire security feature then buy the email hosting plan.

Auto- responders:

Feature of auto-responder is quite essential as a business point of view. If you connect your email through your website and a random user try to contact you through your website, then the facility of auto-responder plays a significant role. A person who tries to contacts feels acknowledge and good about the facility and responsiveness.

Other important features:

Important email features carry, setting up reminders, calendars, event etc. All these features can be used from time to time as per their necessity. One should take a look at these features before deciding to buy. All these features play an important role in deciding to buy reliable email hosts.

Common feature of free emails:

It has been seen the people carry a wrong perception about free email. Free emails have their significance when it comes to individual need. If you want to have an email account so you can have a track of all the activities related to other sides. You can give your email Id to others so people can contact you through your email and also you can smoothly register yourself on another necessary website. However, one should check a few features which required necessarily.

  • Security
  • Memory space
  • File management features
  • No hidden cost

Above mentioned points are required when it comes to checking the services of free emails. In today’s time, people are inclined towards the mail services of Gmail, which is quite reliable and provide a positive and satisfactory user experience.

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