A PTA works in medical field and under the supervision and direction of a physiotherapist. Since the position is becoming more and more interesting for lots of people, you should not be surprised why there are lots of public and private colleges offering physical therapist assistant training. However, before jumping into the idea of becoming a PT assistant, there are some things that you have to know first.

What is the job?

The assistant helps the physiotherapist provide necessary treatments for those patients who need help. This may include massages, exercises, balance training and offering patients support and guidance. However, you should know that these are just "some" of the tasks of this career. The tasks that can be assigned to an assistant usually depend on the policies of the workplace, the regulations of the state or the physiotherapist he/she is working under.

Physical Therapist Assistant Training

Before starting this as a career, you are required to attend a physical therapist assistant training and receive a certification from an accredited school. Usually, this program is of two years but there are lots of other approved programs available that you can look into. Although there are vocational schools that may offer this training, you have to know that some states may require a form of degree.

The Hands-on Training

One important aspect of this career choice is performing hands-on trainings. In order to complete your degree, you might be required to complete certain amount of clinical training. During your clinical time, you will be allowed to directly work with the patients under the direction of your professor or instructor. Your clinical training can can be done in various facilities - hospitals or nursing homes - and you are given a specific an amount of time that you have to complete for your hands-on training.

Requirements of Physical Therapist Assistant Training.

In order to qualify for a this training, it is necessary for you to have a high school diploma. You may also be required to go through selective admission criteria to determine if you qualify for the program. The prerequisites of the program may differ from one school to another and you will be taking various classes like English, math and other similar subjects. In case you have any questions, you may consult the assigned adviser for more help on how you can qualify for a physical therapist assistant training.

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