In a recent study made by an independent agency, "Web sales are growing on immense rate every year." This is the sixth year in which online web sales have achieved the best and have increased by 22% or more. This is getting high growth in almost every vertical, and the clothing & fashion
industry is also not insulated from it. People are getting attracted towards online shopping for clothing and offering customization of apparels is the best strategy to opt' giving your customers an option to customize their apparels by own and keep themselves updated in the fashion trend. Installing end-to-end apparel design software helps the customers to provide various new options of personalization and customization for the apparels.

On almost all level of eCommerce, right from sole operators to enterprise level manufacturers, customization of online apparels have grown critically in this decade. The biggest reason for it is that it suits all age’s customers. Some are highly excited and are having expectations towards a company that can keep the price low for all these tech-driven customization options. Well, others are ready to pay a premium as they are getting something very unique, giving a new charm to the tendency of their fashion.

The high demand in customization of apparels has made the manufacturers and online seller more curious to offer such types of options on their eStore. Experience online access to such goods is not disruptive in the retail industry; it ensures that textile industries are coming up with new thoughts to target the audience's goal beyond the experience of traditional brick and mortar stores.

Retailers have started offering smart fit customization of apparels by giving the option of virtual trail rooms where anyone can prepare the apparels as per the size and specifications and due to this customers have got an edge of comfort as now they are getting the apparels as per their size and fit.

iDesigniBuy's end-to-end clothing design software has various power packed features which help enterprises to offers high-end customization to their customers.

So, let's discuss what those robust features that give your enterprise an edge over the competitors are:

1. Seamless integration with any platform: No matter the software has high-end features, latest technology support if it cannot get integrated with your website, it is a waste. The clothing design software comes with seamless integration with all major and industry leading platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and Prestashop, etc. So, choosing software that gives your customers rich and uninterrupted experience while customization' is very important. This will benefit the enterprise in long-run along with giving value towards your investment.

2. All devices compatible: Nowadays, customer widely uses smartphones, iPads, and laptops to use any service or software. So, enterprise owners must take this thing in consideration that the software for which you are going to make the final purchase decision must be compatible with all devices no matter what the screen size, operating system, and other configurations are. Any hurdle while customization may widely impact on the store apparel business. Before taking final delivery, it is essential that the software show work flawlessly with popular browsers like Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, and opera, etc. In addition to that, make sure that fashion design software works effectively on various devices like desktops, tablets, and desktops, etc.

3. Multiple language support: If you are making the strategy for business expansion round the globe, the first thing is to strengthen the adaptation of clothing, with many language supports. You can initiate it with multiple language tools which transform the input of back-end and front-end as per the language preferred by your target audience. Keep a check on the local languages, regional and country-wise languages which you are looking forward to the target.

4. Social sharing button: It's not wrong to say that today's people are addicted to social media. It is very easy to log in from these social media accounts directly because generally, they are online and use the social media platform to a great extent. Rather than asking for the full sign-up process, try allowing them with social media login. The customers have the options to showcase their creativity to people via sharing the customized apparels on social media. This will help in gaining and attracting more customers with the help of these accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

5. High-quality output: The customer wants quality output after the customization, which is a critical aspect, and you have to ensure that the print customer will get must be of high quality. And for this, you have to fully assure about the software that it gives best product output of the apparels. Getting the results with high quality will remove the scope of hiring dedicated designers for making edits and changes before making final delivery.

6. Numerous options of products: One of the rational reasons for online shopping for the consumer is that they find different types of products in one place. Allow your customers to choose between so many options. It is significantly crucial to make sure that the software you choose for product optimization is easily available to every customer. Therefore, proper and brief set of rules should be provided about the designing and customization of products.

So, after looking towards features of tailored solutions, it is very clear that being an apparel enterprise owner, it is significant to be very specific about the tool kit features before making a purchase decision. We, at iDesigniBuy, have the best team of developers who have rich experience in a particular domain, which helps in delivering the software to cater your business needs and requirements. For more details drop us a mail at

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