Running a cannabis business? Choosing the right Cannabis point of sale solution is just the beginning. To build a well-running dispensary, your POS system needs to work with other business platforms including analytics, marketing, and accounting, among others. To learn about cannabis POS systems and the additional software solutions you need in your business (e.g., finance software, marketing automation, reporting, and more), read our solutions about,  Building Your Cannabis Business: Choosing the Right Software.

Efficient Sales Stage

Gone are the days when Cannabis points of sale solutions were viewed as fancier versions of traditional cash registers. While ringing up sales continues to be primary functions of POS systems, these tools have so much more to offer, and business owners need to be aware of their system’s capabilities so they can get the most out of it. This post will provide a quick overview of the capabilities to look for when selecting a POS system for your dispensary. Take note of the features and functionalities below and make sure your system offers them. POS system won’t just enable you to ring up sales, it’ll also help you stay compliant, streamline your processes, and improve your dispensary’s overall efficiency.

Laws to Follow

One of the major obstacles a cannabis dispensary owner will have to address is turning a profit while successfully marketing their products. Much of the money people invest in the industry goes towards infrastructure, products, and compliance, which often leaves little room for marketing.

Directory services differ from web pages. Instead of showcasing a single business’s information and product, a directory service functions as a hub for all other businesses of the same type as well.

Tracking and control of inventories

The more popular a directory service, the more the owner can charge people to have their businesses listed there. The cannabis industry’s most popular directory services are prime real estate for new dispensaries, which can quickly leverage high website traffic towards getting customers in the door. Where many dispensary owners disagree is how best to achieve that presence. There are two main approaches, each with its own benefits and drawbacks: being a part of a well-known directory service, or starting your own website and using it to generate consumer interest.

Find out about and beyond the POS cannabis program

But there is another, hidden cost that comes along with using a directory service. In the consumer’s mind, your brand is tied to the directory’s brand and all of the local competitors who also use the same directory service. This essentially limits your branding potential, since there will always be a point of comparison between your dispensary and its local competitors. This opportunity cost is negligible when a dispensary is just starting out, but it can quickly limit growth for an expanding operation. Additionally, there are risks to associating your brand with any one specific platform – your dependence on the platform can become a crutch.

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