Once you have experienced the application of an airbrush tan, you can do several things to make sure that the tan can last well after the hot days of summer has faded.

Individuals have a lot of reasons why they are deciding to go with the risk-free methods of airbrush tanning applications, instead of roasting in the sun for hours, or throwing away time baking in a tanning bed. Do you have pale skin or a history of skin cancer in the family? Are you not comfortable stepping into a tanning table after having looked at the person who was just there before you? In case you have read the reports about how the sun can harm your skin, then you might be trying to find a safer way to get the suntan look without exposing your delicate skin to the sun. Fortunately, your search has lead you to find the easiest and safest way to get a tan, and that option would be with airbrush tanning.

Once you choose a mobile airbrushed tan, you will want to ensure that you are able to make that tan last and last. Before you have the airbrush tanning done, it's best to spend a little bit more time exfoliating in the shower. You want to get rid of old dried-out skin, and only apply the airbrush tan to new, fresh skin. You will also need to stay away from too much exfoliation after tanning, so you don’t rub off the tanned skin. Remember this when you are shaving different parts of your body as well. Try to shave carefully to prevent removing the skin.

Next, keep in mind that protecting your skin will protect your tan. Constantly apply moisturizers and lotions to your skin, in order that it never dries out. Also, it's important to drink loads of water, so that you can always stay hydrated which assists the skin stay hydrated too. When you're out playing or working in the sun, remember to lather up with a cream-based SPF. It would be such a waste and disappointment if you had a fantastic airbrush tan, but it peeled off because you got a sunburn.

Occasionally, sweating heavily or the regular rub of tightly fitted clothing can impact your tan. If you do exercise a whole lot, then you may want to take some extra precautions to safeguard your investment in the airbrush tan. First, don't wear tight-fitting work out or gym clothes, especially if it rubs against your skin. You might want to consider using a light application of baby powder everywhere that you might really warm up, and where you tend to sweat the most.

There's a nice variety of products that you can buy to enhance and maintain the gorgeous results of airbrush tanning. The product line includes sprays, powders, creams and lotions; all available to help you maintain your airbrush tan. Some of these products will boost the color of the tan, and others will increase your skin’s moisture levels to keep your new tan from peeling away. Several products will combine the two together in a great blend of protection and enhancement

Whether you are looking to prolong your tan to the cold autumn months, or are eager to leave the white skin of winter behind you, using airbrush tanning solutions can assist you. Once you had the airbrush tan applied to your skin, you will love it, and you'll want it to last for as long as possible. Following the tips provided, you will probably find that you are able to enjoy a dark tan through the entire year.

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