Union Public Service Commission conducts the interview for IAS selection procedure, with the aim of evaluating personal eligibility of an aspiring candidate for the government service he has actually applied for. Indian Administrative Services is one of the most prestigious and high sought after career options in India today. With thousands of aspiring students applying for IAS examination every year, no wonder that the selection procedure will be the toughest. The exam is conducted in three levels, Preliminary, Main, and Interview. While the first two written examinations are conducted to test the academic knowledge of the candidate, the interview is held with the perspective of evaluating the personal traits and skill of the candidate. Cracking through the personality test is not easy, and it is important to follow certain interview tips. These tips are also available with the professional career counselor as well.

The personality test for IAS comprises of evaluating the candidate’s proficiency towards critical power, mental alertness, balance of judgment, logical exposition, depth and variety of interest, and other social traits. Likewise, the career counselor will guide you with important strategies, and how to prepare yourself for the interview. It is important to know that IAS personality test is not only aimed at evaluating the candidate’s core knowledge in a specialized subject or general knowledge, but also includes current affairs, decision making capabilities, problem solving skills, and presence of mind that is significantly essential for government administrative services.

To crack through IAS personality test, one of the most important interview tips is to have god communication and convincing skills. The interviewers will test your optimistic approach towards different situations and how you tackle various problems with wit and likeability. Do not make the interview session a boring one for the interviewers as well. Allow them to discover your sense of humor wherever necessary. No matter how much you are “grilled” at the interview, it is important not to lose patience. Be clear about your goals and demonstrate definiteness of purpose. Wherever necessary, expose your leadership traits, management capabilities, and motivation towards working as a team. All these, along with a pleasant appearance, can essentially get you success in IAS as a lucrative career options.

Plenty of other important interview tips and questions are available online. You can simply go through the information to prepare yourself for success in IAS as a career option. You can also take professional guidance of career counselor to help you prepare for personality test.

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