It has been seen in many cases that people go to some pious person’s grave and start praying and asking them to fulfill their needs. Many extreme cases are seen on the famous shrines of the Sufi people who had devoted their whole life by living the life that Allah has commanded and by preaching the principles of Islam to other people. No doubt that the rank of those Holy saints can’t be compared to the common man but that does not mean that one start worshiping their graves and keep asking them to fulfill their needs. All needs of a man can only be fulfilled by Allah Almighty and these acts of worshiping the graves is the greatest sin of all which is considered as Shirk.
There is a famous graveyard in Saudi Arabia known as Jannatul Baqi. There is another name for Jannatul Baqi which is the Garden of Heaven. This graveyard holds a lot of significance in the history of Islam and it is located in the Holy city Madinah. The closest people of our beloved Prophet’s family have been buried there. Around ten thousand fellow companions of Prophet (PBUH) are buried in this cemetery including some other famous honorable and pious men as well.
When people are travelling to Saudi Arabia either for tourism or for doing Umrah and Hajj by availing Ramadan Umrah 2017 from Birmingham, they must visit the important places in the Holy city Makkah and Madinah. When people visit Jannatul Baqi they start losing the control of their emotions by seeing the graves of all Holy companions and family members of their beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Some people start making wishes on the graves and this act is discouraged in Islam. All the things which displease Allah should be avoided at any case.
On the other hand, when people visit the shrines of sacred people, they make wishes and start bowing down on the floor. One should know the concept of Shirk in Islam and should clearly be aware of the punishments so that he avoids any such extreme acts which can lead to severe punishments by Allah in this world and in the life hereafter. All praises are to Allah and all the needs are fulfilled by Him alone so we must always ask for everything from Him. He Almighty will surely listen to our prayers and will grant us only those things which are for our own benefit so we must have faith in Allah in all situations of life.

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