Packing is one of the most important jobs in relocation. It saves stuffs to get damaged in shipping and loading and unloading. So proper packing for entire moving stuffs is very important in relocation to ensure their safety. But packing is not a simple task. It takes time and must be carried very carefully. Some important packing tips for common home stuffs are following that will help you to pack your valuable stuffs properly.

Delicate Items
Delicate items like china glassware, small electronics and mirror stuffs are very easily breakable and need extra care and attention in relocation. For packing such kinds of stuffs use good quality bubble wrappers. First cover them identically with bubble wrappers and tape them. Select appropriate size of boxes to group them. Use padding stuffs at the bottom of boxes. Place these items in vertical position because in vertical position they become stronger. If any empty space inside the box fill it with cushioning stuffs to restrict any movements. Also put sufficient amount of padding stuffs over the items and pack the boxes with good quality heavy duty tapes. Mark these boxes as “delicate items” and handle them carefully during the whole relocation.

Large Electronics
Use their original cartons for packing of large electronics like air conditioners, refrigerator, washing machine, cooler, etc because these cartons were specially designed for transportation purpose. If, you don’t have their original boxes purchase suitable size of boxes from market. Remove the fixtures and pack the separately. Fix loose parts using good quality tapes. Pack them in sturdy cardboard boxes with suitable padding stuffs.

Heavy and bulky furniture are valuable and also very difficult to handle in relocation. You also have to take their special care in shifting to save them from damage and scratches. Dissemble your wooden stuffs in small parts because small items can be easily lifted and moved. Also properly number all the part so that any one can easily assemble them at your new residence on needs. Pack those items using moving blankets and rubber pads. Moving blankets are made up of think fabric and specially used in packing of heavy and bulky furniture. It will save your valuable furniture from several damages and scratches during relocation.

These are the important packing tips for common household stuffs that will make your packing safe and easily manageable. For more information you can also refer packing tips books and freely available websites over internet.

Author's Bio: 

Kundan Singh is a professional consultant of packing and shifting related issues. He also has worked with many expert Packers and Movers Sahibabad based firms.