The last sermon of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) hold a lot of importance in the history of Islam. He (PBUH) started his sermon by giving praise and showing his gratitude to Allah Almighty. He told the fellow Muslims that they should listen to his words, because he might not be present among them in the upcoming years as death is eternal and nobody can escape from it. He also told everyone to pass his words to those who were not present among them at that time.

This important last sermon was given on 9th of Dhul Hijjah in the valley of Mount Arafat when the pilgrims came to perform Hajj. Prophet (PBUH) told the Muslims to consider this day of sermon and month very important. The essential points of this sermon were to treat others justly because the way you treat them, they will treat you the same. Islam has always given emphasis on justice then how was it possible that Prophet (PBUH) would not have said anything about maintaining justice in his most important sermon of all.

Each year, millions of Mulims travel from all around the world to perform Hajj and Umrah. They often avail the best ever packages of Ramadan Umrah Packages 2017 london, to avail the amenities and achieve the blessings of Allah Almighty. They usually gather on the valley of Mount Arafat to experience the exclusive feelings of the presence of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). When Muslim stands on the valley of Mount Arafat, he starts remembering the Holy and sacred words of Prophet (PBUH) which he said to the Muslimsin his last sermon. All those feelings of sacredness and holiness starts gathering and Muslims feel the ultimate experience that he might would have never felt before.

Prophet (PBUH) told about the importance of women in our lives. He told all the listeners in his sermon that women have rights on their men just like men have rights on their women. A woman becomes the wife of someone by God’s permission and trust. If they follow the rights of their husbands, then it is compulsory for men to make sure that all the rights of their wives are being fulfilled. Women should always be treated kindly and should be allowed to make friends with their husband’s permission.

Never forget that one day you will be standing in front of your God and you would have to answer all the questions of your deeds whether they were good or bad. Never be lost from the path of virtue and righteousness because you will be responsible for all your acts and practices. All the human beings have been created by God from the Adam and Eve. A person belonging to the Arab community is never superior or inferior on a non-Arab. Same goes around and a non-Arab is neither superior and inferior on an Arab. Neither a black is superior to a white nor a white is superior to a black. Everyone will be judged on the basis of his good actions and piety. All Muslims are brothers of other Muslims therefor one should never provoke injustice among all.

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