Wedding is an important occasion in one’s life. It generally happens once, so it is important to capture the big day with special photographs. Make sure you wedding photographers do not miss to shoot those lovely moments such as smiles, hugs, tears, laughter, images of dining people, religious rites etc. In order to find a good professional, browse through internet and get the list of the top wedding photographers based on recommendations and research. Finally, make an appointment with some of them and ask important questions, which will for sure help you to hire a right marriage photographer. Here, we give the list of some questions that you should put to you and your would-be photographer.
• Did he/she look true professional? Did you feel comfortable talking with him/her?
• Was he or she responsive and easily approachable by email or phone?
• Did he or she answer all questions clearly and and make you feel to ask more?
• Was he or she talking according to your needs?
• Did her/his portfolio of photos attract you a lot?
• Did she/he have what you were looking for?
• Did you like his/her styles of photos?
• Was she/he capable to shoot images in a variety of formats and styles?

After you ask all these questions to yourself, it comes to face-to-face meeting with the wedding photographer you have selected. Now it is time to interview him/her to be sure that you are going to make a good decision. While you interview her or him, consider these important questions:

• How long have you been in the wedding photography? How many marriages have you covered?
• Ask about the experience, expertise in the field. Ask if he/she can capture photos in various styles.
• How can I and my family reprint, edit or enlarge may wedding photos?
• Will you reach on time on the wedding day? Do you take special photos on request?
• How much time can you spend at my wedding? What is your overtime fee, if we ask to stretch your time?
• How long after the marriage day, can I see the photos? How much time can I take to select the photos? Will you help me select my photos?
• Will have any assistant photographer? And if yes, what will be his or or role? Will you charge extra for this?
• Do you have any special packages or do you create wedding albums and design “Thank You”cards?
• How will shoot the most flattering picture of my face and body?
• What if the wedding dates changes? What is your police to handle cancelled marriages?
• Do you maintain important copies of wedding photos? Do you post images on your website?
• Are you formally educated in wedding photography? Do you have any credentials and certifications to support you?

Besides, there may be so many other questions, which may ask to select the right wedding photographer. These questions will for sure help you to choose a right wedding photographer.

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