Medical record review is an important process that helps to understand the various aspects of a case. It becomes especially significant with regard to medical litigation. Insurance companies have to deal with a number of personal injury cases. In order to settle medical claims related to these, payers will have to determine the eligibility of the claimants. This involves examining the medical records related to the cases. Physicians and attorneys serving insurance companies can opt to outsource the medical review process and assist in speedy claims settlement. It is best to avail of medical review services provided by an experienced and reliable medical review company.

What the Medical Record Review Process Involves

Various documents need to be assessed as part of the medical review process. These include X-rays, discharge summaries, progress notes, physicians’ notes and many more. These have to be sorted and categorized clearly for ease of access and evaluation. The review process involves:

  • Determining the components of the medical record
  • Collecting and arranging data based on category or type
  • Chronological listing of records and all reviewed documents
  • Medical record indexing
  • Chronological ordering of all information
  • Preparing medical history and summary

How a Medical Review Company Can Help

A medical review company with long term experience in the industry will have a keen insight regarding the individual requirements of diverse clients. Working closely with the client, a dedicated company offers invaluable support in preparing concise medical summaries via a stringent medical review process. The medical review team includes physicians and nurses who have firsthand knowledge regarding the medical details documented. They will provide a clear and unbiased review that will give provide a clear view regarding the case and its various aspects. Moreover, these professionals are sharp enough to identify missing records that may contain crucial information.

All medical records will be collected and chronologically ordered for easy perusal. For physicians, well-organized and comprehensive records are useful in ensuring optimum reimbursement, reducing medical errors, and ensuring protection against litigation. Whether for physicians or for legal entities, medical review services provided by a medical review company bring certain sure benefits. These include:

  • Enhanced quality and accuracy
  • Flexible turnaround in keeping with client requirements
  • Absolute HIPAA compliance
  • Customer service on a 24X7 basis
  • Affordable competitive pricing with cost savings up to 40%
  • Excellent management of case files
  • Stringent QA processes
  • Customized service

While the above benefits are indeed available, it is necessary to find the ideal service provider. Choosing a reliable medical review company from among the many providers in the industry requires a great deal of caution. Medical record review service should be provided by a firm that can work as an extension to your office. It would be ideal if your service provider can assign a dedicated team to take care of your medical record review tasks. This will ensure that you have ready access to the required expertise, and also that your assignments are completed on time.

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Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS), an Oklahoma based company, provides quality medical record review services to physicians, attorneys, and medical legal consultants. The medical record review process involves a comprehensive evaluation and classification of the healthcare information in a medical record.