A new brown child brings happiness and pleasure to a family but along with him/her, a sense of responsibility also comes. Parents do take care of many things to make their baby healthier and feeding is one of them. There are number of problems a mother or infant encounter while feeding. How will you know that your baby has feeding problem. Keep constant track on infant's weight, if baby is not gaining weight or is not changing six to eight diaper. Urine comes yellow and smelly or show unwillingness or pain while feeding then him/her maybe suffering from feeding problems.

In bottle feeding problem as if gas formation, constipation and milk related allergies could occur and in breast-feeding issues like latch, engorgement, sore or cracked nipples create problems. Other conditions such as thrush, acid reflex, and teething are also factor of feeding problems.

Here you can check out the feeding problems and their solutions too. Breast feeding problems:

If you have latch issues not occurred by improper positioning then the case need to be consulted with specialist on the other hand every other women suffers from the latch issues caused by proper positioning like cracked or sore nipple for 1-2 weeks. It will take time to settle the engorgement but it will recover in time on its own so do not pump out excess milk because it can lead to production of more milk.

Bottle feeding problems or we can say formula milk feeding problems occurs when they are not prepared properly. If it is not prepared in, right amount and in right way then it can lead to malnutrition and other illnesses. While feeding bottled milk, make baby-sitting in upright position and hold, in case of gas use infant gas relievers like gas drops. Keep the bottle in right position so that baby will not sallow excess air.

White patch in infant's mouth or nipple pain in mothers could be a cause of thrush. If thrush occurred continuously then consult with child specialist. Manage acid reflux by positional changes but in severe cases, it consulting a physician is best. Baby suffers a lot during teething. They face itching and pain in gums. Provide them ice gum massage or toys to chew.

Mothers should feed their first breast milk called colostrums to newborn babies because it contains antibodies, which is essential for fighting against disease. Empirically speaking, there is no best substitute for breast milk, however, mothers differs physiologically that ends up to the mercy of bottle-feeding their babies in the end. It is common for babies to suffer from feeding problems but with a few remedial actions, these problems could be taken care.

In conclusion, it is best to address the feeding problem when diagnosed early. Developing a feeding habit takes effort and time that is why you have to equip yourself with basic information before you introduce a new feeding therapy to your baby. For more information on baby feeding we recommend you to search online, register to forums or blogs.

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Andrea McManus is a professional, licensed speech and feeding therapist that has been successfully providing Long Island feeding therapy for over 10 years. She has helped hundreds of kids from babies and toddlers to teens achieve success in better eating habits and doing so as an ongoing solution. Connect with her through the website, http://www.longislandfeedingtherapy.com.