If you or any of your loved ones have suffered from Parkinson’s disease after being exposed to paraquat, you are eligible to claim compensation. People may not come forward because they feel that filing for this lawsuit is not as easy as it may seem. However, it is not that difficult if you hire a qualified lawyer. He should have enough exposure and experience in dealing with  Paraquat Lawsuits. There are a number of lawyers who can help you file a case in a stress-free manner. You don’t need to worry about how the proceedings will go because he can take care of all the procedures.

Eligibility to qualify for a lawsuit

In order to be eligible for this lawsuit, you need to satisfy certain criteria. If you have been exposed to this drug for a long time and started to show the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, you are qualified for a claim. The most common situations include:

  • Exposure to farm animals
  • Exposure to pesticides
  • Drinking well water
  • Living in rural areas
  • Staying more in farms

It is suggested to discuss your circumstances with your lawyer who can suggest the best way to file the claim. Some lawyers don’t charge their fees until the client receives the compensation.

Why hire an attorney?

Many people believe that they can file a suit and don’t need a lawyer. However, the manufacturing companies producing these herbicides are huge and already have hired a team of qualified lawyers. If you are already battling a disease like Parkinson’s, you won’t be able to increase your stress and pain any further. If you have hired an attorney, you don’t need to visit the court for hearings and get involved in the case. An attorney will be able to make things easier for you.

Costs associated with hiring an attorney 

Many people are worried about hiring an attorney because of the huge fees charged by attorneys. Some of them charge fees based on a contingency structure. A percentage will be deducted from the compensation received after the case is won. Many lawyers charge fees per hearings while others may ask for a lump sum. Depending on your current situation, you should be able to hire an attorney and save your time and effort. You can easily recover the money once you have received the compensation. An experienced and qualified lawyer is the smart way to obtain that money.

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