Firstly, we are not really educated into looking properly at the food we eat. There are vested interests in us eating the wrong foods. Look at the medical giants who make fortunes because we get ill. Decide to look at the foods that will help you maintain the best life. I recommend looking at the Gracie Diet. I have no vested interest and only wish others to feel healthy and enjoy their lives. I use the Gracie principles but do not have it as a dogma. I take the general advice and live a normal life around this lifestyle.

I try not to take medicines and will only take a pill for a headache as a last resort. Many headaches are caused by a lack of water. We usually don't get enough information on the amount of water we should drink and why it is necessary to keep hydrated early enough in life. Water is not free usually but is within the reach of most people. Too many people see a bottle of lemonade or a can of Cola as the quick fix for thirst. Water might not be the best taste but it is good for us.

Whatever your activity might be keep active and stay fit. Swimming, Walking and Jogging are amongst the best ways to stay fit. Walking is not just a question of the energy spent. It is possible to use your walking time as thinking time and derive great benefits in two ways. A healthy body and a healthy mind go together. Keep your mind active and use the television in an active way rather than passive. Remember there is an 'off' switch.If there is a quiz game then have a piece of paper and a pen and see how well you can answer the questions for yourself. You don't need to involve others in this activity unless you feel the need to do so.

When I was growing up in England we were always told that the worst jobs were in selling and especially Cars, Life Insurance and Double Glazing. Nothing in life is worth a bean until it is sold so let's put selling to bed immediately. There is nothing better in life than to be a respectable, responsible sales person who sells good products ethically. It's the ones who try to make a fast buck that spoil sales reputations. There is nothing better in life than to know you have spent your money wisely and the sales professional has looked after you well.

One of my best contacts was a man who sold me my second-hand cars. I felt he looked after me impeccably and, of course, he had to make his money whilst looking after me.
I bought life insurance to look after my family in the event of my death. It was expensive but it was a priority for me. We recently had a double glazing update to our house. The guys who came to do the job were first-class. The job was completed at the right price and the house now both looks better and keeps us warmer in the winter. My point is that these sales people have made life better for my family and myself and those who decry sales personnel gave me wrong information.

At school we were not given any insight into investments and banking intricacies. I believe this is not taught to keep the masses in ignorance but what do I know? This is where the experts have been found wanting and it then makes me wonder whether they are as expert as we have been led to believe. It's very difficult to offer any advice with finance at this moment in time as everything is so precarious.

Most people aren't told that a small number of people in every country are extremely rich and the greater number stay out of their riches. It is probably best to come to terms with this fact as quickly as possible and then look at how well off we in the west live compared with many others. Without winning the lottery or robbing a bank there is very little to offer in the way of get rich quick schemes. Maybe it's just better to buy the odd lottery ticket and enjoy whatever small gains might come your way.

As intimated earlier you are not encouraged to think that switching off the television is good for you. A good piece of advice is cut down on TV time and spend more time enjoying what you have especially if you enjoy good health.

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Vince works a Teacher, Broadcaster and Podcaster with a great presence on the web. He has a Bachelor in Arts degree after studying Recreation and the Community and a Philosophy in Education Degree with special reference to Student Centred Learning. He has a Certificate in Education and Diplomas in Journalism and Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. He works through his website writing a Daily Blog and creating daily podcasts@