A perfect smile says everything about you, and everyone wants to have a beautiful smile on their face. Healthy teeth and gums give you a beautiful smile on your face. It is very important to keep good care of your oral health. If you have damaged or a crooked tooth that is impacting your smile, then there are several options in cosmetic dental surgeries that can bring a beautiful smile on your face. This post will help you with some procedures about your smile makeover.

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Things To Know

  • Yellow or stained teeth can prevent you to smile confidently. The teeth whitening treatment can be done to make teeth a few shades brighter than before. A professional dentist will find a correct shade for your teeth consider the color of your face and hair. In this treatment, the teeth get bleached to improve the color of your teeth. Tooth bonding treatment involves the process of bonding tooth-colored materials to augment the color of the teeth. The fillings in the mouth can also get changed to natural tone fillings. 
  • Alignment and spacing play an important role in your smile. If you have an overcrowded tooth or gap between your teeth then you can consult your orthodontics for the treatment. Orthodontics will suggest you an Invisalign treatment to correct the alignment of your teeth.
  • If you have a missing tooth then it can impact your smile. Dental implant treatment is a good solution to fix the missing tooth. In this treatment, a tooth made up of the titanium is implanted on the jawbone. This procedure is performed surgically by your dentist. Dental crowns are like caps that fit over the tooth and increase your chewing capability. Dental crowns are recommended if you have a missing tooth, a crooked tooth, infected or decayed tooth. Dental crowns are made up of porcelain and provide shape to your teeth.
  • The shape of teeth matters a lot while smiling. The treatment of teeth shaping involves the processing of removing the enamel or adding the enamel if absent in the tooth.  

These are some of the things one should know about a smile makeover. 

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