Today, the users of 'Arlo' should be aware of the 'Arlo Theft Replacement program'. Numerous Arlo setup security cameras are eligible to be replaced in case of theft/heist. As a matter of fact, if you are an original owner of 'Arlo camera' that is eligible for Arlo antitheft program, then in this post, we have mentioned a complete detail about this program that can be helpful for you.

Being a primary/original owner of Arlo security camera, users have a benefit to get a replacement for their Arlo device in case it gets stolen. The exclusive Arlo linked is eligible to pay subscription plan for replacement while other Arlo models won’t be replaced.

Apart from this, replacement of the finest and eligible Arlo security camera - many of its accompanying devices are replaced/return as well. Conversely, all such devices include the following:

  • Arlo doorbell.
  • Security light.
  • Battery.

Such devices may vary according to different models of Arlo security cameras that are being used. Despite the fact that an Arlo camera login and its accompanying/companion devices will be replaced only if the user has purchased an all-new or certified Arlo security camera from its authorized reseller.

In fact, the replacement of Arlo camera and its accompanying devices is applicable only within a year from the date of stolen or lost by anyone. An Arlo security camera will be considered eligible for replacement only if it was listed under the Arlo account of its owner when it got stolen.

If you find your Arlo camera is eligible for replacement, then kindly refer to the below-mentioned process.

Easy steps for placing a replacement request for lost or stolen Arlo security camera along with its accompanying devices:

  • Dial a toll-free number 1-855-881-8818 and get in touch with our technicians and let us know that your Arlo device has been stolen away.
  • On the other hand, also ensure that the lost Arlo is not removed from the owners Arlo login my account prior to reporting the concern to our tech support team.
  • Request for Arlo security camera theft replacement within thirty (30) days from the filing of the police complaint.
  • On the other hand, share the information about your lost Arlo security camera and its corresponding Arlo sign-in the account so that our tech support executive can validate the Arlo camera replacement claim.
  • As a matter of fact, an Arlo camera owner has to show a valid purchasing proof while placing a replacement request.
  • All the videos and data recorded by the stolen or lost Arlo security camera remains secure until the corresponding Netgear Arlo pro login credentials are not known to any unauthorized/unofficial/uncertified person.
  • Soon as our tech support team verifies and confirms the correctness/exactness of filed report as well as the ownership of the lost Arlo security camera, they will forward the process of the replacement.

Note: The replacement of your Arlo camera being offered will be of the same model and style. On the other hand, the Arlo camera can be refurbished all new as well all new depending upon its availability.

Moreover, users will be able to receive a replacement only if the Arlo camera was stolen anywhere within The United States Of America. And conversely, the enforced/execute law stated in the police record belongs to the list of applicable laws in the U.S.

Also, remember that the Arlo security camera or products being bought from the third-party Arlo sellers will not be considered eligible for ATR (Arlo Theft replacement) program.

Furthermore, Arlo base station, bridges of Arlo security camera and all indoor Arlo cameras including:

  • Arlo Q, Q Plus.
  • Arlo baby cameras.

Are not eligible for Arlo Theft replacement program (ATR) program. An Arlo security camera will never be considered eligible for ATR program if it gets stolen away prior to getting it registered under the Arlo pro login account.

And that is all. All Arlo users must know about ATR (Arlo Theft Replacement) program. We actually hope that you find the information helpful and easy to understand. For more information download the Arlo app or visit login page.

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