The South African people are remunerated by a regulatory body, the RAF – Road Accident Fund. The 1996 Act 56 of (RAF) Road Accident fund states so, due to death or physical injury caused by careless driving within the borders of South Africa. Precisely, if one encounters heavy injury or death of a closed one as a result of a road accident, one has the right to claim money from RAF for their sufferings and expenses. This fund is created to help the dependent live a respectful life. To get help for the road accident fund claims, contact any advocate who is an expert in handling the claim settlements.

You, Will, Have The Right To Claim The Following From RAF If:

• If you were financially dependent on the closed one, you lost in the car accident, and you have the right to claim financial funding or the future and past loss of salary.
• You can claim monetary support if you have been physically injured or disabled.
• You can ask for both the future and the past expenses of medical bills.
• Any future charge for medical purposes can be claimed as well.

People Who Can Make RAF Claims:

Unless it is the fault of the person who is injured, and he or she is but a victim of an unfortunate accident on the road, a wounded person who fell prey to the accident has the right to make road accident fund claims. If the deceased person is not to be held accountable for the accident in question, then anyone dependent on them can make RAF claims. The following will be eligible for any sort of compensation:

• To take care of the funeral of the deceased, financial support is offered to close relatives.
• If the deceased was an underaged child, then the parents or the legal guardians will receive compensation for their loss.
• Adoptive parents can make RAF claims for medical bills and expenses.
• The agent or director of the late person's property is eligible for RAF as well.
• The legal representative of the dead person will receive an equal kind of support.
However, the South African victims of street accidents are advised to consult experienced and professional lawyers for proper guidance and advice during the process of making RAF claims.

The Process of Making The Claim on the Road Accident Fund

Proper paperwork and guidelines are followed before releasing the fund to the near dear ones of the deceased person. Complete paperwork is the key wherein the claimant is required to submit a police report and case number, relationship proof with the deceased, medical proof to support the claim, letter of motivation from the medical or legal expert or some witnesses, brief details about the damages caused.

Once everything is in order the claimant must fill all the details in form 1. The form consists of general information like claimant personal details, place of accident, date of the accident, vehicles involved, a medical report by the doctor, the parties involved, as well as the claim amount, etc. are mandatory to be filled.

Now along with the form, the supporting documents must be compiled and submitted for the claim in hard copies because emailed documents are not valid.

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