A domain name is the exceptional name of a website. It is a significant factor to fabricate an online presence. Picking the correct domain name is very important for every website administrator.

It is enthusiastically prescribed to enlist your own domain name instead of utilising a free alternative with a sub-domain name. This article will cover what to consider when purchasing a domain name.

With regards to picking a domain name, it's imperative to help customers look past a simple web address for their locales.

Here to tips to consider before purchase domain name.

Check the Competitors

You need to Analysis the competitor’s domain names. Domain name is combination of Company name or any keyword related to your products or services and extension, Most common extension are .com, .in and .co.in . If possible and available, go for .com domain extension because people are more familiar with .com extension, if .com domain is not available in that case you can either change the domain name or domain extension.

Simple to Pronounce and recall
Your domain name should be simple to Pronounce and recall as it be become very difficult to remember the difficult domain names. Pls. avoid using hyphens & numbers in the domain name.
You can also try to book 2 domain names, one domain name with the company name and other domain name with the keyword representing your Products or Services. First one of these domain names will be primary and other one is secondary. All the web application and email application or hosting will be configured with your primary domain name and the other domain name can be easily forwarded to the Primary domain name. One simple step in the domain panel to put on the forwarding option.

Chose Short domain name

If your domain name is short i.e. it is of either one word or two words, it would be easy to remember. People generally find it difficult to remember multiple words in the domain name.
You need to research and try to find single word domain name, if single word domain name is not available, try to choose max 2 words for the domain name. If .com is not available in single word, try to choose different extension like .in or .co.in.

Keep it Unique

Domain name should be unique, so that it will be registered in user’ minds. It’s very important to find out our competitors what domain name and extension they are using as you would not like to accidentally use other's name which have been registered as trade mark.

Use Keywords in Domain Name

It’s always a wonderful idea to use keyword in the domain name as it helps to tell Google what website is all about and some time it may help you to achieve the ranking in Google search results.

Sometime it is difficult to find the domain name with these keywords but little research and combination of company name or any other word like city or state or country with it, helps to find the targeted domain name with the keyword.

Domain Ownership Record:

Normally what happens is when you book a domain name through vendor and your website get launched, later on you may be shocked to see, your domain name ownership in some other person’s name , most probably your web site designer vendor, which is legally wrong and also in case the vendor refuse to transfer the domain name to you, it would be very difficult and pain situation for You. Best Solution is when you book a domain name through vendor, pls. make sure vendor has ask for the ownership details or you can cross verify before registering the domain name.

Domain Privacy Policy:

Your domain name Privacy policy should be enabled, if Privacy Policy is disabled, anyone sees the ownership details of the domain name which actually you don’t want to disclose it to the whole world. Also you may get spam calls or email or both. Initially Privacy policy was free of cost but now day’s registrar started charging Apx. Rs.100 for this feature but this tiny investment is really worth it.

Lock the Domain name for Protection:

Your domain name should be locked to avoid unauthorised domain name transfer to some other person. This feature is free of cost and you should check this option for the domain protection.You can always unlock this when you want to transfer the domain name to some other Registrar.

Register Social Media Handles

When you book the domain name, Make sure to book the same social media handle as your domain name. If same handles are not available try to use suffixes or prefixes.

when user visit your website, they also would like to visit your face book, twitter or Instagram handle, so you should be ready with professional handles and profile.


If the required domain name is not available, you can check the ownership details on who is, registrar and the booking date & expiry date of the domain name can also be explored. You can contact to the current owner in case you wish to book the same domain name.

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