The candidate who has to write an essay of about 400 word or more on any given topics. Before he proceeds to attempt, he would do well to bear the following points in mind.

Choice of Topic : First and important point for writing essay. The given topics can usually be classified into two divisions. Some of them may be descriptive and some may be an imaginative or reflective nature. Where a candidate is required to describe a certain place, event or individual, the subject can be classified as descriptive. In an imaginative or reflective essay, the candidate has to put forth his own ideas on a certain subject. When making a choice of a topic for writing, it is always safer to attempt a descriptive essay as it is much easier in comparison to an imaginative one. The latter type should be attempted only by candidates who are above the average in their knowledge of the language and mental development. Having considered this, if you decide in favour of a descriptive topic, choose the one on which you have the best preferably first-hand information. If, however, you select an imaginative topic, let it be one which you have studied something. To view Genuine and premium quality cheap essay go to Once you have made your choice, stick to it, even if at a later stage you feel that you could write better on some other subject in the list.

Planning the Essay : Unless an essay is well planned, it can never impress the reader. Before you begin to write, make a list of the points on which you have to develop the essay. Then deal with each point in a separate paragraph. As a length of the essay is usually restricted to a maximum of 400 words or more, it should not be divided into more than four or five paragraphs.In planning the outlines of a descriptive essay, you have to keep before you the five or six features of a certain place, stages of an event or qualities of an individual to be described. But an imaginative essay must have an introduction, a body and a conclusion – all in the right proportion. The beginning or introductory paragraphs must be striking and relevant to the subject. It is not unlikely that your essay may be judged entirely by the introduction, or conclusion, which is an equally important part of the essay. It will however, be dealt with separately.

Introduction : In writing the introduction, keep the following points in mind 1. It must be relevant to the subject. Avoid far-fetched stuff. 2. It must be well-worded. 3. It must proportionate to the body of essay. 4. It must lead naturally and logically to the succeeding points. It may consists of a general statement, an illustration of the subject, or an explanation. An essay may also begin with a quotation or a reference to an accepted opinion. It is, however, not safe to begin with a definition, as a correct definition of a subject is beyond the capabilities of even an exceptionally brilliant candidate.

The Body of the Essay : After the introduction , the points to be included in the body of the essay should be properly arranged. The more important point or points may be dealt with in the end. The rest may be expanded into paragraphs of suitable length. Some candidates have a tendency to drift away from the topic in hand after they have introduced the subject fairly well. This is called digression and it must be avoided like poison ; because, firstly, it is a waste of valuable time ; and lastly, it makes it difficult for the candidate to return to a relevant conclusion.

The Conclusion : It has been already mentioned that this is as important as the introduction. The different stages in the development of the essay must be evident to the reader. To be effective, “the sting should dwell in the tail”: i.e. the conclusion must drive home the truth of what has been said in the preceding paragraphs. While it should not appear divorced from the body of the essay, it must be made as brief and effective as possible. To look natural, it must grow out of the main text.

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