An astrologer is as good as his predictions.
If you see an astrology site which has got only generic predictions on zodiac signs without any solid predictions on current affairs, then how do you believe the site or the astrologer.

There are many sites and apps which provide the service of preparing horoscopes and presenting general predictions. Each one of them has some shortcomings either in calculations, ayanamsha being followed, Dasha dates, etc. Thus, none of them is as accurate as an astrologer who knows to do all these calculations without using the software. I am not against software, but as an engineer myself I know the drawbacks of coding and loops, and when include so many constructs all of them tend to have bugs or wrong logical structures. Astrology is itself facing questions because of certain astrologers who are earning because of fear psychosis, on top of it these software's( even a website has software running at the background to give results) creates more confusion. So my advice is not to follow any website or show for daily, weekly, or monthly predictions, not even life predictions given by so-called famous astrologers coming through their software. Go to a genuine astrologer who will make a chart for you, and do the reading accordingly which is quite detailed and based on your time and situation.

There is no such thing as free prediction through the website. No one will give you your complete analysis. They have fed some data into their website and you will be shown the data which matches best to your chart. This match will be 10-15% accurate to your personality. Moreover, these websites would hardly ever give you accurate predictions regarding the future. So it's better to consult an astrologer than getting into this mess of free online prediction online.

I would suggest going for a general search on the web browser. If you find the topic of the article relevant to what you won't go for it. Read whatever you can get hold of and compare the common points stated in all the sites. There is no such thing as good sites and bad sites. Nowadays every site refers to a better site so ultimately the content is similar. It solely depends on whether you can relate to it or not. Hence, I have no good sites in my mind. What I usually do is search on Google and look up on 20 different sites at max. Also, try to watch youtube videos, they can help a lot sometimes.

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The Author is an expert astrologer in India with many satisfied clients all over the world.