Installing decals on the car has become a trend which has caught the imagination of many car owners already! The best thing about these decals is that they bring cheerful warmth to your vehicle even if it is of a simple pattern.

Interestingly, a lot more can be done with the help of this customizable application. A number of people choose for sports patterns and other art works. Other than this, many people like to have cheeky quotes and funny messages on their car. Some people prefer logos and images, quite often for a marketing purpose. It all depends on one’s own taste and individuality.

Getting car decals are not big issue now. They are available easily in many designs and patters. Additionally, you can get them customized as per your requirements and wishes. However, it needs a little care while you install them on your car because a perfect final touch only can help you in real glam up of your vehicle. Following the below mentioned steps can guide you perfectly installing a car decal or vinyl decal on your vehicle!

Decide the space for decal

Deciding on the right area to place your decal is an important step. After all, it is your vision and idea and therefore you should know where the decals should be placed and how it would enhance the look of your car. Usually, according to the size of the decal, one can either choose for rear window or body of the car.

Clean the dirt off your vehicle

Use warm soap water (preferably a chemical free cleansing solution) to clean your vehicle thoroughly. This is a must because if you leave the dirt and debris on the surface just like that, you may not achieve an easy installation or prefect look. Therefore, ensure that you have washed it off completely and dried it well before applying the decals.

Mark up the space

It is better if you mark up the area with a chalk to have an exact space concept for the decals. You can use the car decals to measure up the area and thereby get an idea of the space that would be used up. It surely helps in preventing you from removing and reapplication.

Lay the decal

Now it is time to lay the decal on your car body or window. You may require assistance for this. So you can ask someone to help you. Peel off the adhesive back and lay it carefully on the intended area with the help of another person. Tap your fingers on the middle of the vinyl decal and work towards both the sides to get rid of the trapped air. This will help the decals from forming air bubbles. Make sure that you have placed it straight and no places are left with any kind of deformity.

Trim it for a perfect look

If you find the decal is overlapping, then trim it with the help of a scissors. After that you can use a wet towel to clean the borders and can ensure that there is no glue mark or dirt formed in the process of installing it.

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