The Arabic term of heart is Qalb and it is mentioned numerous times in Quran. The name Qalb is derived due to constant contractions of heart which are in Arabic known as Taqallub. According to a Hadith heart is like a feather on the tip of the root which keeps turning around in the direction of the wind. Usually people blame their heart for all the emotional decisions they have made in their life but according to recent researches, heart is capable of making logical reasoning’s as well. Heart is not merely a physical organ whose purpose is to pump the blood to all parts of the body. It also plays a vital role in the field of Islam and the spiritual role of heart can’t be ignored. These days Muslims have gone far away from their Holy religion, making their heart deceased unconsciously. We forget the fact that all are deeds are based on the condition of our heart. If we possess a deceased heart which has no spiritual feelings, we will never be able to do any Islamic deed. Since our heart is connected with our soul, so just like the different types of soul, heart also has three types. These types of heart are called Healthy Heart, Dead Heart and Sick Heart.
The Healthy heart is free from all those worldly desires which can lead to the disobedience of Allah’s commands. It is pure from all the immoralities and sins. The nature of this heart is gentle and humble. All the trust and expectations are relied on Allah which makes the man contended and satisfied. People having healthy heart always keep a keen desire to visit the house of Allah Almighty and they keep praying to their Lord to provide them a chance at least once in their lifetime to visit the Holy Kaaba. These people are always in search of the most affordable Umrah packages like Ramadan Umrah Package 2017 from Manchester and others which provide all the amenities so that one can fulfill their dream of seeing the Holy Kaaba without facing any trouble.
The Dead Heart has no realization of Allah Almighty. Neither this heart recognizes his Lord, nor it worships Him. It always follows its worldly desires and does not care about the reprimands and punishments of his sins. This is the worst kind of heart that one can possess. Almighty has sealed their hearts and they have no desire to perform Hajj and Umrah 2017. They might perform the Holy obligation but it will only be done to show off their wealth and power in front of other people otherwise they have no intention of having any reward and blessings of their Lord.
The third type of heart is Sick Heart which is in between these two kinds of hearts. It is neither entirely healthy, nor it is completely dead. It is aware of all the bad deeds that he has been doing and has a feeling of culpability and guilt. After committing any sin, the sick heart is ashamed of it and often it seeks for Almighty’s mercy. May Allah provide His blessings to all Muslims and allow them a chance to seek His mercy in their lifetime.

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