by Dr. Puneet Chawla

The main door marks the entry of good and bad luck into any given premises and hence it is extremely important to take proper care when deciding upon the placement and location of the entrance door of a house. It is also the reflection of the personality of the people residing behind it. In other words, the main door is regarded as the face of the house and hence it should be kept neat, clean, and presentable and tidy at all times. Therefore, to make sure positive vibrations enter your premises through the main entrance door, you must make sure to abide by the Vastu guidelines underlined for the same.

Direction of the main Entrance door of the house:

North – The main door is considered to be very auspicious when placed in the third, fourth and fifth part of the north direction.

East- Main gate in the east direction brings prosperity when placed in the third and fourth part of it.

West- The fourth and fifth part of the west direction should have the main door and not otherwise.

South- Although south is generally considered to be an unlucky direction, the main door positioned here can prove to be quite prosperous if placed according to Vastu principles.

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