Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) has told us the most essential ways of spending your life in all domains. There is not a single topic on which he has not addressed anything. When it come to the ways of eating, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has told the proper methods of consuming food which are in accordance with Islam and they are also healthy for a person himself.

Prophet (PBUH) has taught us to avoid over-eating anything. It is not liked by Allah and also brings misfortune and bad luck in one’s life. When a person starts over eating, he welcomes all the diseases and disorders towards him. Nobody wants to stay in the company of an unhealthy person and people tend to stay away from him. Therefore, following the principles of Islam are always beneficial for our ownselves. Holy Prophet (PBUH) has liked the way of eating with three fingers. After you have finished your food, it is Sunnah to lick your fingers before you wash your hands.

If the food served to you is hot, then you should wait for it to cool down by covering it with something. Don’t leave your meal uncovered in order to make it cold. Uncovered food can get in touch with hazardous insects which lead to severe consequences. Often people follow these certain rules of eating on sacred occasions or particular gatherings.

Muslims tend to follow these principles of Islam more during the month of Ramzan when they are fasting or when they are leaving for another Islamic state like Saudi Arabia. When you have made your mind that you would change yourself after doing Hajj and Umrah, then it becomes compulsory to alter your habits and follow the path of Sunnah. Once you have gained your packages of Umrah such as Ramadan Umrah Package 2017 from Belfast or another, then you are leaving for the journey in the path of virtue. You may try to follow these golden rules of Islam by sitting in a hotel of Saudi Arabia, in a gathering of all Hajjis. But when you travel back to your own country, you completely forget these things which is wrong. One must follow Sunnah wherever he is.

It has been shown through different hadith that Prophet (PBUH) used to sit in the gatherings with his legs folded. This makes more space for other people to sit in large gatherings and creates a very strong bonding among all the fellows you are sitting with you to have a meal together. One should not drink from the container of water directly by putting his mouth on the container. Pour the water in glass to drink it. It is a decent way of drinking and it is also beneficial in terms of hygiene. Always drink the water in sitting posture. Don’t drink it while standing as it is hazardous for health. May Allah allow each one of us to follow the ways of Sunnah.

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