July 22, 2009.
I am old, ageless, but also as young as the morning dew. Do not assume that you can do permanent damage to my body, this planet. With but a flick of my green mantle or a shift of my magnetic poles, you and all that you have built will be no more. I do not wish to coerce you into compliance with my laws; I wish to point out the obvious to a much beloved but recalcitrant child. And, since we are one being, your bones my mountains, your veins my flowing rivers, your energy bodies my higher magnetic self, you only injure yourself when you abuse me. You and I have done this dance for many more years than your scientists can imagine. During this time, there have been many human cultures. A few, like your indigenous cultures of today, or of the recent past--since you have done your best to eradicate them--more fully manifest my spirit and yours. Others, like yours have followed an all too familiar pattern from living in harmony with me--blessing what is taken, honoring its source, and renewing it--to exploiting my resources, which is your own death sentence. Again, to point out the obvious, it is energy from nature's harvest that sustains you, no matter how mechanized you have made the process.

Tell me, where will you find oxygen to fill your lungs when your chemical pollutants have leached all the oxygen from the air and you have cut down its major renewable source: the rain forests of the planet? From your chemical laboratories? Can you produce enough for five billion of you--or only the five million with access?

And, when the fresh water from my lakes and rivers and underground reservoirs has dried up, and when the melting snows contain radioactive poisons and the acid rains are undrinkable, will those same laboratories supply your drinking water? I tell you, there are poisons that cannot be filtered out or steamed away, no matter how sophisticated your technology.

Can you not see the prison you are constructing for yourself, the grave you are digging? Look around at the artificial constructs that separate you from nature, and know that in the years to come they will be multiplied a hundredfold. A world without direct sunlight, with no fresh air, water, or natural food. Can your spirit survive in such a world?

You may think that you have an indomitable will to survive, that you can adapt to any situation. Like mutants in a post apocaplyptic world--of which you have numerous science fiction scenarios--you will simply evolve new organs to filter out contaminants in the air and water. That is what your scientists would have you believe.

I tell you that your physical bodies are merely vehicles for the expression of your souls. The higher and more refined your bodies become, and the more your minds--which are also an expression of spirit--evolve and can better interface with others of your kind, the greater part of your souls can manifest. Mutant bodies would not provide the needed range and flexibility.

In such a case, Homo sapiens will either give rise to a new race of higher expression or become extinct. There is also the possibility that you will heed the warnings given here and elsewhere and forge a new future for yourselves as humans. But the time for such a turnaround grows late, later than you imagine.

It is that prospect which I wish to address in the context of this brief message. Humans, we have traveled together for millions of years by your calculation; you have been a wonderful expression of mind in matter, but to survive you must now open to a greater expression of spirit in matter.

By spirit I mean more than conversational expressions of saintly holiness--Saint Francis with his blessed birds or angels in gossamer attire--spirit exists in a whirlwind, in the flow of molten lava, in a torrential rain, in the stillness of a desert tableau. Spirit is that which flows through and beyond the individual, that which connects all that is.

If you could see an indigenous tribe silently performing a complex ritual dance, its members moving in sync without visual or verbal cues, releasing themselves to spirit and allowing it to direct them as they stop, turn, step backwards or twirl in place, you would know whereof I speak.

If your rejoinder is that you are more than bees in a hive, ants in an army; that mind has evolved to control instinct, you have mistaken the software for the hardware, which has just been upgraded, leading to the next step in your evolution: allowing spirit to move mind.

And, as you release yourself to spirit, you will find that, instead of losing your sense of individuality, your uniqueness, you will begin to realize, in ways you cannot even imagine, a sense of identity that, as your body now includes myriads of organic cells, encompasses galaxies.

It is the lack of such a vision, the natural consequence of mind's evolvement in matter, that has separated humans from the greater life of this planet, my body, and the other life forms that inhabit it. But, mind is also the instrument that allows for that realization, and that must be acknowledged as well. As such, since your species accepted the offer to develop mind for the greater evolvement of the body proper, you cannot be held entirely responsible for the results. But, as there are stages in a child’s development, and parents must sometimes push a child to the next level, you are about to get the "divine boot".

You have reached the stage where mind can recognize its own limitations and release itself to go beyond itself. Self-realization. And, as the seeds of matter are contained in the inorganic world, the seeds of spirit and its potential can be mirrored in the world of mind.

To know something, mind separates it from its background and compares it with others of its kind, or separates the parts from the whole to understand its inner workings. It is only by seeing itself as separate from others, but also as part of a whole, that mind can perform this function.

To withdraw itself from an amorphous whole, to know itself as separate and apart from that whole, to be infused with this wonderful sense of individual uniqueness is minds great achievement, which should not be undervalued because of its disastrous effects.

Spirit first knows itself as that whole and then sees that whole manifest in each division of itself, down to the infinitely small. And, at each level, it too feels a sense of great individuality, but it does not lose awareness of itself as the whole and never sees itself as merely the part.

The hologram reflects that awareness, and this technology became manifest at this time because it expresses humanity's greater vision of itself. This is not unlike the U.S. space program, whose real goal was not to reach the moon as a mere technological victory, but for humanity to see the globe afar as a whole.

Did you not feel a shift in awareness when you first saw, via live transmission or still photo, those glorious pictures of my body proper? Did you not feel, if only for a moment, that the forces that unite humanity as a whole were more vital than those that separate?

In the years since that historic moment, there have been many upheavals, but are you not closer to realizing that vision of one humanity today than then? Does not the new electronic media, created in the interval, help breakdown the artificial boundaries of race, nationality, and religion that separate you?

And as you have not returned to the moon to collect more rocks, one day you will look back at this new technology--after it has been replaced by telepathic communication--and realize that its purpose was not to disseminate information but to open pathways to spiritual unity.

So, as you can see, there is, if not a plan, a movement afoot. And one, unfortunately for many who refuse to open themselves, that will be greatly accelerated--the divine boot I mentioned earlier. Those unable to ride this heightened energy to greater awareness of themselves as the whole will fall aside.

This is not punishment or even karma. These are concepts of limited thinking. The whole does not punish itself or see itself as a part trying to reunite. It merely absorbs and transforms itself on its journey to higher levels of self-awareness and integration.

This is the essence of the spiritual perspective or orientation. It is a way of being, and the only mode of being that will survive in the coming shift to global or planetary consciousness: humanity's awareness of itself as the greater whole, one body one planet.

If you are willing to accept the challenge of this movement of awareness, of consciousness, of Gaia consciousness, then you must be willing to release yourself to a flow that will leave behind most of what you have--even what you know--for what you are becoming: planetary beings.

This is the next level of integration, of wholeness for humanity. But what does it mean to be a planetary being? It means more than changing your nationality from American to Globalist. Those changes, the falling off of boundaries, are the result of a change of consciousness, not a new voting choice.

To be a planetary being is first and foremost to experience yourself as the body proper. In the silence and stillness of your deepest meditation, move your center outward, expand your aura until eventually it encompasses the entire planet. Feel the pulse of my body's countless life forms rushing through you.

At first it will be a deafening cacophony of sounds, a visual overload of images, the energy of a cyclone battering you. If you do not resist, if you flow with this experience, you will know yourself as the body proper, and it will be a glorious awakening to your full potential as human beingness.

From this expanded awareness, from this being that encompasses all life on this planet, can you do harm (by omission or commission to yourself under whatever guise you may so appear? You would look into the face of a starving African child, into the eyes of a wounded deer, into the soul of a mass murderer, to wildlife racing from a burning forest, and know yourself as them.

Would you not act differently from this grander perspective? Would not feed that child, hold that dying deer in your arms, confront the murderer in you, scoop up and run with the fleeing wolf pup? Would you not turn off your air conditioners, stop driving your automobiles, and produce only biodegradable products?

You would and you will, I can assure you. And you will think nothing of it. The shift to planetary consciousness will precipitate the most drastic realignment of a civilization you humans have ever witnessed. And it will be more of a falling off, a walking away from, than a reengineering.

As the new heightened energy enters, the old energy will be withdrawn. On the personal level, this will result in the breakdown of unconscious habits, beliefs, orientations, etc. You will be forced to confront yourself stripped to the bone, to release the old mode of being and embrace the new, or cling to the old and cycle out with it.

This same pattern will repeat itself with all social and political structures: from PTAs through national governments to international churches. Many of these structures will not survive the scrutiny; some will reorient themselves, but not many. Humans will no longer need go-betweens at any level.

If this sounds like a prescription for chaos, do not be greatly concerned. If any of you have ever touched the power of your souls, you know that when it is fully manifested, you can truly walk through the valleys of death unharmed. Well, how do you think a million Buddhas will handle the situation?

Hyperbole? Only for those who have never experienced what i speak of . The others know, and soon many more will have the opportunity. It is your choice. Either way it is coming, because the body proper will not tolerate any more abuse. Know that and act accordingly.

To prepare yourself during this transition period –aside from stilling the mind and residing for ever longer periods of time deep within yourselves awaiting the moment emulate, as far as possible, the indigenous tribes around the globe. These tribes have kept the sacred fires of planetary consciousness alive from the beginning.

The essence of their beingness is their regard for the sacredness of all life, which is not a religion or moral code of conduct; it arises out of their very souls living unmolested in a natural environment. Take their clue and head back to nature, live in the forests, on mountaintops, in the valleys, on seashores: absorb my rhythms, free your minds, and allow your souls to come forward.

As stated earlier, you and I have come far together, dancing this dance of consciousness shift to greater awareness and higher integration. The god-force in me --and make no mistake that all of me, every grain of sand on my beaches, is imbued with it -- embraces the God-force in you.
source~ Posted by VIE aka Helene Fallateuf

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