The good news is that natural impotence and impotency in men can be cured, in most cases. Yes, there are many impotency aids on the market, and many can help improve men’s sexual health and increase male performance. But rather than wading through the hundreds of possibilities in order to find out what works, it is suggested that the cure comes from understanding impotency. Knowing why it is difficult to stay erect and stay hard can lead to greater penis stamina, an increase in male performance, and an ability to last longer.

Therefore, in order to improve men’s sexual health, let’s look at impotency in detail. With understanding, most impotence can become a thing of the past.

Impotency Causes

The most common causes of impotency are as follows:

Age – As men age their circulatory function decreases and their fitness levels are reduced, which may reduce penis stamina.

Alcohol Abuse – Drinking too much alcohol damages cells and reduces the ability to stay erect.

Arteriosclerosis – A hardening of the artery walls that can reduce blood flow and cause high blood pressure, which can make a man impotent.

Depression – An overwhelming feeling of sadness that can have an adverse affect on libido levels and men’s sexual health.

Diabetes (types 1 & 2) – A metabolic disease that can cause nerve and blood vessel damage, which in turn may make it difficult for men to stay hard.

High Blood Pressure – A condition characterized by pressure tension in the arteries, which reduces circulatory function and male performance.

Kidney Disease/Failure – Kidneys play a vital role in blood filtration, controlling blood pressure, and stimulating red blood cell production, as well as eliminating waste from the body. Therefore, disease and failure of the kidneys can lead to male impotence.

Medications (prescription and non-prescription) – Some medications can reduce libido and make it difficult to stay hard.

Multiple Sclerosis – A degenerative disease of the nervous system (spinal cord and brain), which impairs bodily function and reduces male sexual health;

Prostate Cancer – The prostate gland plays a role in semen production and urinary function. It is located at the base of the penis and can place pressure on the organ if enlarged. This can then make it difficult to stay erect or get an erection.

Smoking – The chemicals in cigarettes affect bodily function and can reduce blood flow and penis stamina.

Stress – Work, relationships and life in general can all have an influence on how the body copes.This can have both mental and physical effects and can reduce male performance.

Impotency Symptoms

Typically, impotency means an inability for the penis to become hard or stay hard during sexual intercourse. In addition, male sexual health may be reduced so that penis stamina is minimal and premature ejaculation occurs, or the male is unable to ejaculate at all. This can lead to frustration, erosion of confidence and diminished self-esteem, all of which affect men’s sexual health and male performance.

Impotency Treatment

All of the causes of impotency are treatable. However, this does depend on the severity of the condition and the seriousness of the cause. Conditions such as stress, smoking, age, alcohol abuse, depression, and Type 2 Diabetes are considered as lifestyle related. These causes can be modified so that over time an improvement is noticed in male performance and impotency will be reduced. It is suggested that a balanced diet and regular exercise become a part of everyday activity, as this will reduce impotency rates and increase penis stamina. Also, the daily use of penis specific crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is recommended. These types of creams can increase blood circulation and cell function, and in turn increase male performance and a man’s ability to stay erect.

If arteriosclerosis, depression, Type 1 & 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease/ failure, multiple sclerosis, or prostate cancer is causing impotency, in most cases, medical practitioners can prescribe medication that will alleviate and improve the condition. Medications can also be altered to suit individual needs, so if it suspected that a medication is causing impotency, please consult a doctor.

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