With the amazing advances that technology has made, people are more connected with each other. Today, customers have a greater choice than ever before. They have increased accessibility to a wide variety of products and services. This also means an increase in competition. Businesses have to adapt to provide the best customer service to retain and grow their customer base. Service becomes a key differentiator. A skilled customer support system is essential in wooing your customers. And a huge part of this is determined by customer experience.
Customer satisfaction is essentially when customer expectations and experience are bridged. Customer experience gets created at various stages — with direct or indirect interactions with your brand. Any direct or indirect interaction with the brand can affect how customer experience shapes up.

Direct interactions would be through use of your product or service, or through your customer service systems. Indirect interactions could be via advertisements or associations with your product or services.

Designing, tracking and managing the customer experience throughout their journey with your brand will increase the chances of them choosing you over your competitor.

How to Enhance Customer Experience
Map out the customer journey: It would be wiser to decide and plan out the customer journey. Rather than letting the journey unfold on its own, it should be thoughtfully planned and skillfully controlled in such a way that the customer experiences what you want them to. The right experience should be delivered at every touchpoint through the customer's journey with the brand.

Engaged employees: Organizations that excel at customer experience also have the most engaged employees. There is a strong correlation. Happier and engaged employees are more focused on pushing their company to success. An informed, company-aligned and focused workforce would be the most engaged. Such a positive culture opens up communications and promotes better interactions with the customers, thus, improving business outcomes. Investing in training and educating your client-facing employees can drastically improve their skills and this will reflect in the way they interact with customers. Your customer contact centre can make all the difference in the way your customers view your business.

Build customer trust: Building customer trust can positively impact the way your business fares. You want to keep customers coming. Customers stick to brands they trust. You can build this trust through the best customer support. Providing the best product or service is not the only determinant. Addressing concerns swiftly and showing them that you care is important too. Turning irate customers around at your inbound customer service centre or inbound customer support is no mean feat, but it will build trust.

Make it easy to deal with you: Effortless, convenient, fast service — this is what customers demand today. Make your business accessible anywhere, anytime. Make it a joy to do business with you. Rather than getting them to go through endless forms and calls, create an experience that rings in a "wow" from your customers.

Make customers your best marketing tool: A happy customer is a great advertisement. Satisfied customers bring in more customers and revenue. When you construct a good customer experience, you are creating a billboard for your business. Not only does this build brand loyalty but it also makes you stand out from the rest.

Customer focused culture: A customer focused company culture puts the customer at the focus of everything. Thus, customer satisfaction becomes a major goal, and every process and person involved is aligned towards it. It develops a common mindset that drives everyone to work towards creating a positive customer experience.

Know your customer: Understand who your customer is, what they want and why they want it can put your customer experience plan in perspective. An in-depth knowledge of the customer makes it easier for you to serve them better. You can develop targeted strategies to engage them better.

Connect with your customer: Creating a personalized experience is important. A personalised experience will resonate more with your customer, than anything else. Customers tend to think on the basis of personal experience. Consider the human aspect involved and do not lose sight of the quality of communications with the customers. Reaching out to them on various channels will transform the customer experience.

Deliver with technology on your side: Use customer service that is always on. Automated customer service will ensure assistance is not constrained by holidays or off-time hours. Have all the information on your customer's previous purchase history available readily to create a swift and personalised interaction. Customers do not have to wait hours or days for a response. This can greatly increase customer satisfaction.

What roadblocks should be avoided?
Along with measures put in place to foster positive customer experience, it is important to rule out obstacles that may prove detrimental to your customer goals.

Lack of employee involvement: You need your employees to be aligned with the company's customer experience strategy. Engaged employees drive greater customer experience.

Inconsistent interactions with the customer: To win the customer's loyalty and to keep them coming back you need to deliver consistent service over multiple interactions. Consistency increases loyalty. Loyalty increases revenue.
Ignoring customer feedback received through multiple channels: Every feedback is important. The customer should be heard, and responded to at every channel they interact with the brand.Studies suggest that customers are likely to interact over multiple channels for a single service/query.

It cannot be stressed enough how positive customer experience directly leads to a loyal customer base. Or, how a negative customer experience can chase away potential customers even before they interact with the brand. With access to a wide array of media, customers share what they feel about a product or service easily. They are especially quick to tell others about their negative experiences. They want their requests to be actioned properly and to be treated like valuable customers.

It is important for businesses to prioritise customer experience, making customer service your true differentiator. Installing measures that align with your customer policies and ruling out inconsistencies will develop a truly favourable experience for your customers.

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