Thinking is a process based on thoughts that try to understand reality and find solutions to various problems. Logical thinking means thinking according to the principles of logic. Logic is a collection of thoughts that judge reality. In other words, logic is a particular method of reasoning. Therefore, if we want to improve our logical thinking skills, we have to improve our ability to judge reality. We have to be able to make our judgments according to the principles of logic that will help us to better analyze the reality that we are judging.

However, since logic is a particular method of reasoning, how can we be sure that we are following the correct method when we judge reality? There are many different logical structures, which means that there are many different methods of judging the reality that we are observing.

We can follow a deceptive method. Instead of reasonably judging reality, we can make a totally absurd judgment. If the logic we follow is based on absurd thoughts, it can only drive us mad. Illogical assumptions that have a logical appearance led to absurd conclusions, which later generate absurd situations in life.

Therefore, we must discover a reasonable logic that we can safely follow, knowing that it will not lead us to absurd conclusions. The system of logic we use should help us discover the truth. When we are able to recognize the truth, we know that we are not absurd. Our thoughts are based on the real thing.

However, what logic will safely lead us to the truth? This is a complex matter. We have to start by doing a little research to understand better.

There are many theories about different logical systems. Perhaps it would be more prudent if instead of following philosophical theories, we followed scientific conclusions. However, even science is distorted by theories. Besides this fact, human ignorance prevails. Many past scientific discoveries are worthless today. The most recent discoveries show that the former was incomplete or totally false.

What kind of logical thinking works best?

We will never discover a reliable system of logic if we continue to think based on human definitions. Nobody really knows what is true or false.

So how can you improve your logical thinking skills if you don't even know what logic to follow?

There is a magic solution to this problem that you can never really solve, unless you agree to believe various assumptions. The scientific method of dream interpretation that accurately translates the meaning of dreams reveals to the world the existence of higher unconscious wisdom. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams has a divine origin. Its perfection is based on holiness and not on subjective reasoning. In other words, it is based on real goodness and not on selfish thinking.

When you learn the language of dreams and are able to understand unconscious messages, you understand unconscious logic. This logic is based on wisdom and goodness. Therefore, this is a safe reasoning system that will never lead you to absurd conclusions. Play Free Spider Solitaire can be also part of the best helpful way to thinking logical something.

Therefore, you must start to improve your logical thinking skills by learning to translate the meaning of your dreams. The unconscious mind will teach you what is logical and what is absurd. It will also help you develop your intelligence and acquire complete awareness. Therefore, you can always discover the truth.

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