No matter our profession, we all need the ability to concentrate and retain memories at every stage of our life. Regardless of the situation, whether studying for an upcoming important exam or trying to recall how to get from one place to another, these abilities strong or weak, will determine whether or not we succeed in our mission. Lack of memory is heavily connected to stress, which is why acupressure mat has been a tool used for thousands of years to help stimulate pressure points within the body. With the power of acupuncture, you literally have the power in your own hands to help improve your memory and concentration! Let's explore 3 different pressure points you can stimulate with or without a acupressure mat

1.The Third Eye
In ancient cultures such as the Indians and chines, the third eye is believed to be a mystical organ that is responsible for spiritual experiences and clairvoyance. According to the ancient Chinese philosophy, the third eye point located on your forehead helps improve memory and concentration.

The third eye pressure point lies between the eyebrows, in the area located between the bridge of the nose and the lower forehead. Apply pressure to the spot gently for 3-4 minutes and repeat 3 - 5 times a day. You will notice significant improvements in concentration and decrease of migrans.

2. The Bigger Rushing
Now, this pressure point is especially useful and often recommended for students preparing for tests! By stimulating this point you will quickly lose the feeling of exhaustion and replace it with energy.

You’ll find this pressure point at the top of your feet, where your big toe and second toe bone meet. Press gently on the point on both feet, do this at the same time for 2-3 minutes and repeat the process three times per day.

3. The Heavenly Pillar
This pressure point is often used in traditional chinse medicine to help reduce the feeling of pressure and pain in the head as well as reduce headaches. By stimulating this pressure point you help to loosen the neck and improve blood flow to the brain.

You will locate this point about 1 cm below the base of the skull and 3 cm from the upper spine. Place your index and middle fingers on the two points and massage them for 5-8 minutes. Repeat this process 3 times a day for a month to see maximum results.

4. The Gates of Consciousness
If your someone who is suffering from memory problems then this next acupressure point is for you! In addition to the beneficial effect of improving memory, this pressure point when stimulated also helps to soothe headaches and migraines. Often used by professional quarterbacks in the NFL, the gate of consciousness is recommended to those who require a strong memory in order to execute their plans.

Theses points are right at the base of your skull, on either side of the upper spine. Place your fingers on these points and you will feel the hollow feeling within the skull. Simply rub the area gently for 2-3 minutes and repeat three times a day for maximum results.

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With over 15 years’ experience in the science of acupuncture, DIY acupressure and pressure point stimulation, my goal is to provide helpful information that can be taken and used to help improve quality of life. Jean