We are all working in different industries. Some of us are entrepreneur; some of us are serving companies or some of us are having different means for our survival. In whatever field you are, the love for the work is imperative to survive and grow in your career. In this fast moving world, everyone expects that you will be hard-working unless your intelligence is far beyond the average men. But what really makes the difference, is thinking in a creative manner.

Some people call it smart work. Whatever be the name, no one can deny the immense power of ideas or more specifically creative ideas. We have read many books on creative ideas. There are number of strategies that have been evolved to boost your creative ideas. I feel and strongly believe that creative ideas come from your true love of your work. You have to have indigenous love towards your work. Make shift profession based on demand of money cannot make you immensely successful in your career. Of course, there are other factors associated in your success. One among them is your family support. Without a support from your family, you will never be able to concentrate and give 100% to your work. I would like to elaborate on this particular point in detail.

Family support and peace of life are imperative in your career growth and as well as to your health. These two factors must walk hand in hand and one cannot exist without the other one. All creative ideas come from a relaxed mind, which is not possible without a peaceful life. And here we can correlate the science. The brain cells or neurons are always producing electricity. A specific device called ElectroEncephalograph can measure these electric waves. It has been observed that this electricity produced by neurons follow a particular cycle. Based on the cycle’s rate, the scientists have segregated the brain into four different states i.e. Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.

Beta State – The cycle rate here is 12-30 Hz. This is the state, when we are wake and conscious. As you can understand, we generally remain in beta state during our daily routine work. Where beta is required to work meticulously, too much of beta makes us tired, restless and anxious. This is the reason that why people are so much stressed now a days. A very good example of this is driving in a very crowded road in a city for long time. This makes the cycle frequency high making the state as Beta. And this is why we feel very tired after a prolonged drive in a crowded city.

Alpha State –The cycle rate in this state is lower than Beta i.e. 7.5 to 12 Hz. This state is achieved in relaxation, light meditation and day dreaming. During this state, we achieve high imagination and concentration. In this phase, our memory power gets increased. In this phase, the outlook for life gets changed and it brings higher possibility of getting success in life. This state is also the source of creative visualization.

Theta State – In theta state, the cycle rate is 4 Hz to 7.5 Hz. Theta is called to be the doorway towards our unconscious state or Delta state. This is a subconscious state. Before sleeping or just after we wake up from sleep, we get into the state of theta. This is the state, where we all come out of profound creative ideas. This state is also achieved in our dream. This is the reason that we can remember a dream just after we wake up and thereafter we forget the same.

Delta State – The cycle rate in this state is 0.5 Hz to 4 Hz. This state is arrived in our deep and dreamless sleep. This is the state of unconsciousness.

Keeping the above four states in mind, Alpha and Theta States are the most important ones. If one can achieve alpha state, he can get rid of much of his\her stress in life. This also allows him to concentrate and succeed in all works. There are number of ways we can get into the state of Alpha. The most famous of all is meditation. At least 15 minutes of mediation daily can keep away your stress, increase your perseverance power, concentration, imaginary power and in turn possibility of getting success in life. The well-known Silva Method is also based on the power of Alpha state.

Theta is another state where the seed of success is hidden. If you can sow it properly, no one can stop you from getting success in life. Accessing extra-sensory information is possible in the state of theta. For example, if you are lost in parking space to find out a vacant slot, you can get into the state of theta to get this information. There are numerous ways suggested by different people to get into the state of theta. Deep mediation also can achieve theta state. Remember that theta is a state of deep relaxation and only can be arrived with a proper mediation technique.

Overall, the alpha state is much easier to arrive than that of a theta state. Theta state needs some guidance and practice. Thus all of us should strive to get into this state as frequently as possible to make ourselves successful in life and live a healthy life without much stress. Hereafter if you are trying to take a nap in your office and get caught, explain the benefit of it to your boss!

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This article has been authored by Suvendu Manna from www.universal-post.com. Suvendu lives in Calcutta, India. He holds engineering and management degree from premier institution of India. By profession, he is a software engineer and currently work as a program manager. Suvendu can be contacted at contact@universal-post.com