Testosterone is something we usually associate with all that is ‘macho’ about a man; it means he has the thickest of beards, the strongest of muscles, and the highest of sex-drives. The more testosterone a man has, the more caveman behavior he exhibits. Right? Well, not necessarily. There’s a lot more about testosterone than your basic understanding of it. Testosterone affects a man’s healthy greatly, and if it becomes low, a series of unwanted symptoms occurs. Below are ways you can improve your body and health by boosting your testosterone levels.

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Watch what you eat

There are a number of things you can eat that will naturally boost your testosterone, as well as specific types of diets you can go on. Research has shown that yo-yo dieting causes disruption to hormones and lowers your testosterone, so what you eat has a great impact on your testosterone levels. For starters, limit all sugar intake and processed foods as they suppress testosterone levels. Eat ‘clean’ and complex carbs that are not refined with sugar because they help in testosterone production. Be sure to have an adequate level of protein and a range of 50-70% of healthy fats like fish, raw nuts, avocados, olives, and coconut oil.

Why is testosterone so important?

Basically, testosterone is one of the biggest sex hormones in a man’s or woman’s body. Males obviously have copious amounts of it and it affects a man’s sex drive, overall health, fertility, bone strength, and muscle mass. Low testosterone causes severely low levels of energy, sex-drive, lack of sleep and general lethargy. It causes you to gain weight and suffer from concentration and memory problems. It’s also responsible for increasing depression, anxiety, mood swings, and overall irritability and fatigue. A simple blood test can tell you if your testosterone is low or not

How to boost your testosterone levels?

If your testosterone levels are low, then fret not; there are many natural ways to boost them and you can become your improved and healthy self again. Whether you start following a specific exercise plan, you start eating better, you take natural supplements, or you generally make a few lifestyle and habit changes, these few tips will definitely work on boosting your testosterone.

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Catch up on some Zzz’s

Studies have shown that men who do not have a healthy sleeping pattern, tend to cause their testosterone levels to drop. Lack of sleep can actually affect your hormones and the brain chemicals that are needed to function properly. Getting around 7-8 hours of regular sleep are extremely vital in raising testosterone levels as well as producing healthy hormones.

Choose a Supplement

You can choose to take an herbal supplement that is extracted from specific plants considered to be a strong source of natural testosterone boosters. Click here to get a complete picture on the types and benefits of natural herbal supplements. There are also a number of benefits, natural or otherwise, supplements on the market that can boost your testosterone levels. Vitamin D, Vitamin B, Magnesium, Fish Oil and Zinc are just some of the vitamins you can take to give your testosterone that much needed a boost. For any prescribed testosterone boosters, consult your Doctor on what type you should take.

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You need to get physical and lose weight

Overweight men are believed to have low testosterone levels and so, going on an exercise regimen will help you shed the weight and boost your testosterone. Short but intense exercise has been proven to increase levels of testosterone even more than prolonged exercise. Strength training is also known to increase testosterone levels as well. Staying active is definitely recommended, but try not to overdo it because the higher or longer, your exercise is, the lower your testosterone gets.

What to avoid

Needless to say, avoid any habits of vice like smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol because of the hormonal changes they cause. And it may be easier than it sounds, but try to avoid stress as much as you can see as it’s a major cause of testosterone deficiency.

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Testosterone doesn’t mean you get to flex your muscles and act all ‘macho.’ It’s actually the most important sex hormone your body needs to function healthily. If your testosterone levels are low, make some lifestyle changes to boost your testosterone levels and lead a healthier life; your body and brain will thank you.

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