Social skills are an absolute must for survival in our world. If you do not have the ability to maintain a social conversation, then you will be left behind so many ways. You probably do not need me to tell how not having good conversation skills makes you feel bad and left out in social situations.

If you are having a difficult time being social, here are some very simple and quick tips to improve your social conversation skills:

1. Ask open ended questions
2. Introduce yourself to new people
3. Join a club or group
4. Be a good listener
5. Go in a group
6. Smile openly

Asking open ended questions is the easiest way to improve your conversation skills. Open ended questions keep the conversation going and allow people to feel more comfortable and open towards you. Open ended questions means the person has to keep talking and can't just say "yes" or "no" and walk away from you.

It's also important to get out and meet new people to help you with your skills. Meeting new people not only requires you to introduce yourself and be polite, but it also allows you to learn new things about people and become more open to new ideas and information. One of the best ways to improve social skills is to get acquainted with new people and new ideas.

If you need to know how to meet new people, try joining a group or a club. There must be hundreds of meeting groups in most major cities and they range anywhere from singles groups to women's groups or groups on specific hobbies such as comic books or kayaking. You can also take cooking classes or an interesting college course to improve your social conversation skills.

But it is not all about joining groups and meeting new people. Sometimes, you need to do other things to help out your shy tendencies. One of the best ways to get better conversation skills is to learn to be a better listener. Listening is a skill not all people have. You can hear easily enough, but are you actually listening to what the other person has to say? Buy listening you're opening yourself up to people more and that makes for better, and easier, conversations.

Also, smiling is an excellent way to increase your skills. It might seem like such a simple act, but, giving a genuine and caring smile to someone who is talking to you will make them feel more comfortable in your presence and make you more receptive to their conversation. A good smile is simply used by millions to convey a nice message.

Smiling openly shows you are interested in what they have to say and it's important to show you are interested and listening in order keep people wanting to converse with you and for yourself to improve your social conversation skills.

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