Reseller hosting is an effective hosting platform where you can rent, resell or even provide services to the customers and gain a better income. Such type of web hosting solution consists of disk space, bandwidth, CPU and RAM to name some. You can have at least 10 to 50 customers who might depend on a certain number of server spaces along with the resources that you have rough. Suppose, you already have a good running web development agency, then adding web hosting to the service package can turn the online business into a one-stop solution and set up the website.

What exactly is reselling?

It is a platform where the business can use the resources of the parent web hosting platform and then sells it on its own. There are different web hosting company that consists of reseller packages. Some have benefitted from selecting on hosting the site with a reseller. Many are not happy with their reseller hosting platform while some could have even lost the interest to open up their reselling account. You need to know that you have all the data that is needed for understanding how the most from such an option can be made and whether it can work for your business or not.

Steps to set up the Reseller Hosting Business

Know the business goals

You need to know the goals of your business which is a crucial step when you want to begin with the reseller business. Your business aim is tied to the specific niche and also the target audience. There is something which is also considered to be the business goals that consist of the sales target, increasing the base of the customer and web traffic. Once you have clarity on business aims, you might want to shortlist them and know who your target audience needs to be like a designer, start-up enterprise or developers.

Select the right hosting company

The right web hosting platform can help your business reach the top. You need to make sure that the web hosting company is chosen which can have better features to offer and they can align well with the goals of your business and what you are planning to offer the customers in return. The order management, support of the customer and right pricing to name some are the basic features that you should make sure of when it comes to choosing the web hosting company.

Other than this, your budget needs to be fixed and come up with an effective marketing plan so you are all set to increase the offerings.


There are certain host contracts with a reseller that can be arranged and the charges would be based on the client. So, at times when the reseller adds any other client, the host shall charge at a certain price. At times, they can select from different packages. Many features are available for reseller hosting which depends on the host company.

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