E-reputation as the name suggests is the reputation of an entity in the world of Internet. As the world has gone tech-savvy the need to watch and keep a track of the e-reputation of one's own self has grown. As the technology of the era has gained pace, so has those, on technology watch. The people who are at loss are the one's without the technology watch. As the craze to go on-line has increased so has the fact that being reckless may cost with the years of hard work for the reputation building.

With everything going on-line the stress on businesses to keep up with the technology watch has gone bad. At this point comes the business intelligence, as the name suggests a computer based technique to cover business operations. Business intelligence mainly aims at supporting the better decision making process. Business intelligence is mostly considered as a subset of competitive intelligence for the fact that it focuses on using technology, processes and applications to analyze structured mostly internal data and business processes while competitive intelligence mainly refers to gathering, analyzing and disseminating informations focusing mainly on the company competitors.

Thus with the technology watch the company could not only ease the business work load and make it easy to cope with the tech-savvy clientèle but can also keep a watch on the competition. Having competitive intelligence in the business not only gives the business an edge in the market but also a reputation in the market with the potential clientèle.

Being up to date with the technology watch and having competitive intelligence and business intelligence to go with it, definitely helps in improving the e-reputation of a business. Having competitive intelligence improves the brand name of the business by giving it an edge over the competitors who mostly do not go for technology watch. Competitive intelligence helps in not only building an image but also making the business cope with the competition and also in improving the sales in the long run due to newly built e-reputation.

Business intelligence helps in making the processes of the business presentable and competitive intelligence mostly can be used as everyday business tool for watching the competition. And thus being tech-savvy and going on-line and being on technology watch for any new technological development that can be helpful for the business, can also help the business to improve its e-reputation, though managing the e-reputation can be the main intention as it definitely helps in saving and improving the sales in the long run.

Being able to retain the old customers and make new ones is nothing less than a challenge in the present world of international competition, and being able to stay in the competition could only be possible by keeping technology watch and having competitive intelligence which can help the business to keep up with the changing face of the competition. Thus only having business intelligence might not be helpful for the business if it wants to maintain the once made e-reputation but having competitive intelligence is desperately needed to improve the e-reputation.

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Competitive business intelligence (veille concurrentielle) are very important for Internet business to improve and maintain the on-line e reputation