Many of us have friends who may embarrass us in restaurants being fussy when ordering a simple entre. Asking for this and that on the side, having a coffee at 300 degrees and no warmer and asking for the world, all for $2.50.
However, those who make choices that do not conform to society may produce better results. Two thirds of Americans and one third of Canadians are obese or overweight leading to heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and cancer. Note to self - don't go with the flow!
There is some good that comes out of becoming a food snob for all the "right" reasons, namely your health. There are added benefits to eating this way such as increased joy with the experience of taste, the ritual of eating for pleasure and knowing that you are treating your body like a temple, not a woodshed. For a full list of healthy foods worth becoming a food snob over refer to my new book Your Drug Free Guide to Healthy Weight Loss. It not only covers how to lose weight but what foods to eat to stay healthy. Food snob suggestions found in my book are as follows:
Eat local and fresh (less travel time and sitting makes fruits and vegetables retain their mineral and vitamin content better and they taste better)
Choose to eat half of your daily food intake in the form of fruit and veggies. (Think how you feel after eating a hamburger with fries, as compared to when you eat fresh grilled chicken breast with brown rice and sauteed vegetables, with a mixed greens salad topped with blueberries and balsamic and olive oil dressing). Decide between heartburn or an experience for your tastebuds.
Eat no pre-packaged foods that are processed. (Think cookies, chips, packaged frozen dinners and pre-made pastas full of hydrogenated fat, salt and butter) Make your own desserts with fresh and healthy choices. Choose lean meats, whole grains fresh produce.
Buy organic wherever possible. (Pesticides are not excreted from our body and create a toxic burden)
Buy the best and eat a little less. Eat quality and not quantity (Think of the cost of cheap Easter chocolate, and compare a 70% dark chocolate bar full of anti-oxidants. Think of a loaf of cheap white bread and compare it to a whole grain loaf that is topped with nuts and seeds. Picture the latter being dunked in olive oil and balsamic vinegar whilst enjoying a glass of red wine and a cheese plate.)
Treat yourself and enjoy an organic cup of coffee or two per day. Drink filtered or mineral water and avoid any pre-made sugar laden coffee drinks, pop and powdered drink formulas. Steer clear of artificial sweeteners.
Make all your meals a special event. Take the time to prepare a healthy meal by choosing low to medium glycemic foods (see list in my new book click here)
Eat like they do in the Mediterrean; fresh fish, olives and olive oil, goat cheese and many fresh fruits and veggies.
Drink one glass of red wine per day and savour it. (Think sitting in the square in Venice, enjoying a lovely glass of red) Note: don't drink if you have a history of liver disease, alcoholism or breast cancer.
Before you know it the proverbial old food snob will be looking great and feeling better. Your body will thank you with good health and stamina. You will regain that vital spark of energy that comes with eating real healthy food the way nature intended us to.

Author's Bio: 

Heather Caruso is a best selling author of the book, "Your Drug Free Guide to Digestive Health" and homeopath in private practice for the past decade plus in Guelph Ontario. She has written another book called "Your Drug Free Guide to Healthy Weight Loss" which helps people to not diet, but to eat to stay healthy and uncovers barriers to weight loss and how to beat them with natural remedies.