Firstly, try to indulge in activities that are creatively inspired. Imagine your brain as a muscle that has to be exercised regularly. You can either involve yourself in brain power augmenting tasks every day or perhaps play downloadable memory games to help exercise your brain muscles. Some people enjoy watching shows on television. The next time you are watching a game show, try to answer some of the questions. In fact, commercials can also be utilized to improve one's memory. Using common television advertisements, try to take in as many details as you can. Try to guess which commercial will come up when there is a break in between the show. On the other hand, some people love reading newspapers. Finishing puzzles on a regular basis allows you to give your brain a proficient workout. Similarly, reading is another great way of sharpening your memory and mind. Try reading aloud and you'll realize that it enables you to remember details more easily. Similarly, while at work, you can do so many things to facilitate the development of your memory. Every day at work, assign a certain color to each of your colleagues. Your primarily aim is to figure out how many of the colors that you can retrieve with each person who was labeled with it. This is a good game to keep your mind occupied as well as exercised. Another excellent exercise is to keep changing your route back home. Then, the next day, try to retrieve the streets or the basic route that you went on the previous day.

Your development memory can be enhanced if you try to play games that you've never played before in your life. One of the best ways to do this is to try and learn a new language. Just like a language, learning to play an instrument that you've never played in your life before can help you exercise your brain. Writing also works in the same way and you can squander time writing poems, articles etc. You can even try building a miniature ship or a car. Constructing a model plane allows you to practice concentration skills. Augmenting your memory can also include paying better attention to your surroundings. You have to minimize distraction which can be one of the important reasons why people forget things. Your brain will concentrate in a much better manner if you perform the activities mentioned previously.

Try to augment your memory every chance you get. Memory games can be formulated almost anywhere and under any circumstances. When you're at a restaurant, each person can be given a particular name. After you've finished eating, look around and figure out the number of names that you can retrieve. These activities or memory games are best when played in situations where you have to wait in a line etc.

We have included a list of commonly played downloadable memory games within this article.

- Scrabble

Scrabble is one of those games that people play for pleasure as well as indirect benefits such as memory improvement. Scrabble winners are mostly one's with excellent memories. Letters such as z or x have higher points and you have a better chance of winning if you remember words which can be made from them. Hence, memory retention can be increased by playing scrabble regularly. In order to recollect these words, most people tend to link them with places, emotions, individuals etc. Consequently, upon feeling a particular emotion or looking at a place, you will retrieve such a word.

- Pexeso

Similarly, Pexeso can also be used to enhance memory retention. The game involves employing cards/tiles in addition to pictures as well as numbers. Basically, you have to place each tile or card upside down and then lift them one by one. You have to match the same cards so you have to memorize each position.

Increasing one's memory requires these memory games to be played regularly as well as include other such exercises for memory. You can't just strengthen your brain just like that. These exercises need to be used in conjunction with minor tips like association and visualization.

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